My new airbrushed lid

maria got this done for my birthday i designed it an tracked down this guy i was quoted 300 by one fella but this guy came in at 140 i bite his hand of aint picked it up yet but am loving it already

DAT A BAD Y’KNOW !!!. Phat lid REDRAT !!!

That’s nice:)

Cant wait to go pick it up turned out really well by the looks of it well happy :smiley:

That is one mean Roland! Great lid :slight_smile:

That is the nuts!

looks like a union jack in jamaican colours, clever idea & looks a great job!

Cool - the flag really comes to life - very nice :cool:

martin is spot on its whats known as a jamacian jack :slight_smile:

That is excellent. I’ll look out for you on the road.

Can I have the guy’s name?

Looks the muts…

Get the guys name out there, will probably get lots more interest and work

No worries fella is site is all his details an gallery of his work his on there .

Nice … Dont hang that on the mirrors :slight_smile:

very nice

…and don’t go carrying it up any tall cranes either :stuck_out_tongue:

Great looking lid, Redrat - great design, and it looks like they have done a brilliant job.

That is fucking awesome. need to see that in the flesh…

Looks great Paul, & what a lovely present.

Happy Birthday:)

Thats you ratsta! like it man, pukka present!


Don’t get any stone chips on it before I get to see it. I bet your glad you didn’t pay the £300 as you got a pretty sweet job done for £140.

lovely job, might have a look at his other work :slight_smile: considering getting mine done