My new addition

Well some you may have seen the other post that Hallspeed put up on my behalf, and i guess some people would be interested so heres a couple of pictures:

sophie 6lb 14oz

thanks again for all the replys





Ahhh she’s gorgeous! Congratulations! Brings back memories enjoy her my daughters now 7 time goes so fast!

awwww what a cutie, congratulations!

Great news!!! Congratulation…

shes beautifull!! enjoy her while shea still little…next she will be at your ankles then your wallet.xx

She’s precious!!

Congratulations again from Kansas…

Shes beautiful mate, better not show my misses as shes broodey enough as she is.

Ohhhh mate…shes quality…Congrats to you and the good lady !!

well done.

Well done mate, big Congratulations

Kids are great, got two my self.

Gorgeous, hon, congratulations BC2

Awwwwwww shes lovely, it makes me all broody… until I think what they are like once they start crawling…