My new 1098s

Hey guysPosted in the newbie section a few weeks ago - I finally took delivery of my Ducati 1098s on Saturday.

What a bike!!! The handling, the speed, the looks…The SOUND!!!:w00t:

Heres a pic

Hope to see you at a meet soon


What a lovely looking bike, have to agree with you an awesome bike…:cool:

very nice, and in the black too…

Phwoar! She’s gorgeous! :slight_smile:

Very nice mate, although now you have posted a picture of her, you do realise that you have to give any LB members a test ride…:smiley:

Haha, yes indeed!!! I have everybody saying that to me, from my girlfriend to my Granddad!!!

The bike is great - What I’m enjoying more is being back on 2 wheels after a year away from it. I was out yesterday morning in the glorious sunshine taking an easy ride around some country roads. Just a great feeling!!!

Hopefully see you guys at BM if it’s on this week?



Ha ha, we can form an orderely test drive queue from the flower shop.



see you’ve already had a crack at the aftermarket parts too :wink:

want to go test ride one, but afraid if i do i’ll want to buy one, and i definitely cant afford to!

Sounds like someone could spend a fortune at Casoli in Barnet! :wink:

Looks beautiful mate. Wish I could afford one.


you’ve got my dreambike.

Have much fun with it.

Greetz Carsten

Hello Ducky … Ooh I sound like Westie;):smiley:

Superb looking ride mate, love the Termis;)

I didn’t think anyone would ever build a bike sexier than the 916 but then they made the 1098…what a honey:D

some serious dribbling going on here :w00t:

she’s GORGEOUS in black! there were a few of them at brands yesterday, part of the 1098 owners club I believe, they were all lined up nicely, mostly red, a couple in the tri colour, no black.

lens was smudged but hey…



Funniest thing I saw yesterday was a fella looking so intently at the Ducatisti that he wasn’t looking where he was going and fell straight over that sandwich board:D:w00t::smiley:

Second funniest thing was when they started Rutter’s 1098 up for race 2. We were sat opposite is garage. There was a HUUUGE backfire and it literally blew the mechanic’s hat off:D:D:D

you certainly cannot knock the italians on this, they have it just about perfect…gorgeous…

awesome bike mate.

saw a black one in the main carpark at Brands yesterday and almost gavve myself whiplash turning round to look at it.

My views on ANY bike in black are well publicised but the 1098 is just WOW


phwoaarr! :smiley:

Like a carbon fiber hair piece for instance?

Great bike, great OEM equipment. No need to make it look like a queers handbag.