My neck warmer

I cant find it . . . has anyone seen it?

That is SOOOO begging for a comment about your lovely wife Gridgirl, but as the thread’s not on the Adult bit, I’ll refrain…

I’m sure I don’t know what you mean … la la la

I Have your neckwarmer, and it will be safe…for now

if youever want to see it again you will place £1million pounds in non sequential used notes (10’s and 20’s) ata location i shall disclose later, you have 48 hours, and to show you im serious…

…you have 24 hours

que Dr Evil Pose and Maniacal Laughter

Damn you and your evil genius . . . I want proof that its in one piece before I pay up . . . whatever you do please dont cut its label off and send it to me . . .

Last time I saw it was when you tied me up with it ;o)

That wasn’t me hun