My names Hedge


Im new to the site

My names Hedge and I ride a CBF 600 ABS its silver with adjustable seat and screen I am looking to go on ride outs and generally meet fellow biker who just love bikes.

If you wana go on a ride out Im nearly always available (yes Im one of those 9-5 job people)

drop me a line

Hope to see you all in time

Ride safe and enjoy


Hi and welcome

Yes like myself whos pretty small needs a lower seating position and have heard the cbf are good

see ya


Thankx CBF

I spose Im proud of my bike and the fact it caters for more then the 6 ft 4 bikers is good thinking.

Hope to see you @ the newbie meet on Mond

Welcome, we have met before! See you at the newbie meet on Monday next week?

Welcome to LB. Don’t forget there’s a newbie meet a week today - see the details in Ride outs section!

Hi there

Welcome to LB

poke poke with the newbie stick



Cheers evryone hope to see and hear from you soon


PS what time is the newbie thing starting at ?

Ride safe

Most people pop down after work. Look for the LB stickers on bikes or just ask someone - people are very friendly down at the Ace.

welcome to the site hedge.

Welcome, though you won’t like me as I cut one of you down last weekend and took it to the local dump…

Hello from another CBF600s owner

Welcome fellow vertically challenged biker.

Look forward to saying Hi at the newbie meet.

Hi and welcome to the LBs, see you next Monday


Hey Hedge good to meet you - and another CBF600 rider - we’ll be taking over the site before long there’s so many of us!


Welcome to LB

Poke, poke smack with the newbie stick

Da Artist

Welcome to LB

Poke, poke smack with the newbie stick

Da Artist

Oh dear, Da Artist’s really got it in for newbies at the moment! Either that or his echo-locator has just found loads of echos and he doesn’t know what to do with them!

hello and welcome…

welcome to the site

Hey there Hedge, welcome to LB!