My morning

Zzzzzzzz… beep beep beep beep!

Vroooom! Vroooom, vrooooooooooooooooom…

Pop! Psssssssshhhhhhhh… Clackclackclackclack…clack…clack…clack.

“Sorry, the AA patrol will be an hour and a half, sir. Yes, I know it’s freezing.”

“Bloody hell, mate. That’s a seven-inch screw! No, can’t repair it. You’ll need a new tyre”

Winch winch winch winch… vroom, vroom.

“Sorry, we don’t have a rear Dunlop RoadSmart. Have two Pilot 2s. That’ll be £235, please.”

And on top of that, my battery went flat sitting with my hazards on. Then the fella who tried to jump-start the bike connected the leads the wrong way round and fried my heated grips.

Merry sodding Christmas.

Oh well, look on the brightside you’ll soon be experiencing a new sensation thanks to changing your tyres, it’s called ‘grip’, and it’s actually quite useful on a bike:)

my morning consisted of urgent headaches at work that needed fixing, an xmas bonus and pay rise.

True. But my old ones were only 1,600 miles old!

Oh well. At least I’ll be able to do a decent comparison between these and the RoadSmarts!

All donations gratefully received. :wink:

damn mate… that was bad luck!! :blink:

glad to see you still have a sense of humor (made me laugh :smiley: )

No point getting all bent out of shape - just one of those (very expensive) things.

But I am going to make the tyre people fix my grips. :smiley:

Dam, bad luck. I can’t believe the mistake when connecting upto the battery!

lol, you’re joking right? I’m saving for a bike!!!:cool:

unlucky dude

i had 3 in two weeks…fourth meant new rear tyre…£60+ £125 for the tyre…

you should carry a crafty plugger repair kit, £15 from essential rubber.

personallly i wont let teh AA or RAC touch my bike…they are not bike mechanics, transporting the bike yeah, anything else no no NO!

i would have had it taken to essential ( i wont go anywhere else) had them look at it.

failing that i would have filled the tyre with that foam stuff you can buy in petrol stations etc gone to essential and had the tyre changed. job done!

Gonna get me some of that stuff.

The AA fella was a bike person, luckily, and on the dedicated AA motorcycle team - so he knew what to do. But the puncture was too far up the side of the tyre to repair.

We went to Watling in Catford. I’m not too impressed, having been to Essential (which was top-notch) for my last set of tyres.

Still, c’est la vie. I’m more annoyed about my grips than anything else. My hands got right cold on my way to work! :crazy:

do mate, saved me a few times!

ah i see, well thats a difrent matter! if its AA on a bike and he knows his stuff!

Essential are tyre kings mate!

yeah i bet you are, stop being a fanny tho! i rode ALL last year in summer gloves!! vented ones…:w00t:

bummer mate what a crap day
mark holden will allways better watling, bit late now i guess but you never know

stop being a fanny tho! i rode ALL last year in summer gloves!! vented ones…

V-Twin Massive…Membership No.1…Da General!

and so did I :cool: