My Modified R6

Still lots to do, but I’m getting there… :cool:

Look good mate! Reminds me of my R6 I used to have! I loved it! Hrm, infact, I miss it.

I miss mine too!! Would loe to have one as a track toy :slight_smile:

That bike is soooo clean, would you wash mine for me??

I have a car now so it only gets taken out when it’s dry! It’s the best way to keep a bike clean… :cool:

Wow, guessing from the exhaust positioning, it is quite loud? :smiley:

Love the Geraniums but I was you I’d move the Bizzy Lizzies a foot or two to the left:cool:

they set off perfectly the fox in the patio doors- moving anything would ruin the chi lines:D

Rim tape AND blatant tyre pen usage.

How gay are you? :wink:

Rim tape was from the previous owner (utter bitch to remove). It’s off now, but yes, I did use tyre paint… I guess it’s almost as gay as having hair longer than most girls. :wink:

Took both my 02 R6 and the 04 R6 to half-lyfe’s (BCF) garage tonight ready for the change. Both bikes were complete and ridable.

The 02 R6:

The 02 R6 and the donor 04 R6:

The 04 engine out:

Getting ready to remove the 04 gearbox:

The 02 engine stripped:

The problem:

Had a few snags but to strip both bikes, drop both engines, and remove both gearboxes in an evening is pretty impressive, I think!

Fingers crossed for tomorrow…

Good day!

The problem!

No gearbox in the 04 engine…

Tried out my new fairing…

Engine going back in…

Nearly done…

Testing everything out…

All done. :wink:

…and then to test the gearbox out I went through the box on the paddock stand (the clocks showed 196mph bouncing off the limiter in 6th).

Here’s a video…

Over-the-frightfully-moon. :smiley: Gunna book MOT next weekend… Also booking Brands Indy on pay-day. :smiley:

I knew I recognised those flowers in the first couple of pictures,

Ive been following this R6 story on “Bike Chat Forums” , I like the work youve done.

judging by the video i see why you needed a new gearbox.:smiley:

can you seriously get away with a plate that size? or is it just a matter of time before they tell u off?

He should then join Arnie’s club. :hehe: