my misses has just been out on the bike for the first time in nearly 3yrs

she went out on the sv650,not riden a bike since she got preganat and my boy is 2 in oct,and she was happy as she still fits in her leathers and so im i.
next is get the belts done on the 748s and get her out on a trackday.

has it not been peeing it down where you are???

We been in all day, just watched ‘the perfect storm’ couldn’t tell which was the film and what was outside!!!

stopped raining in enfield about 3.30 ish

Its about time,but i know shes had her hands full with you 2so i suppose shes had a good excuse…see you in the week


Sorry to Hijack the thread

but welcome to LB angry

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welcome aj…

brilliant! to see women back on bikes