My memory aint what it was ...

I have an issue , I can not find the insurance docs for the car and have totally forgotten who I have it insured with . I know its up for renewal in january . Its not even registered to this address as I insured it before I moved … twice … I really need to change it before it runs out . Anyone got any ideas how I can find out who insures my car ?

yeah, have a crash and let the police know :slight_smile:

if you have online banking and paid that way, check your statements for January and it should stand out

You can submit a request via the MIB (no not the Will Smith one!!) had to do it a few years ago

Well after searching all over including bank statments etc … without luck as i can’t even remember how I paid , I started randomly trying to log into insurance company websites … after a dozen or so I hit gold at the MoreThan site :smiley:

well you are getting old…you could have kept that to yourself and make us guess! :laugh: