"my mates told me i wouldnt get caught..."

what a douch! :rolleyes: :smiley:

You know who your mates are :smiley:

busted! Thats the problem with having a distingtive bike:crying:


what a idiot

Probably on his way to pick up a left-handed screwdriver for his friend’s DIY project.

douch, idiot i think not.

if that was me i would be beeming to have proof that my chinese piece of sh1t bike does more than 30 without falling apart.

come on people get real, we have all done it, sort of, lol

Shame they don’t put that much effort in to catch bike thieves.

Bit similar to:


Life imitating art? Or was demolition man prophetic?

hahahaha very funny!!

i do it all the time:D


I just googled this because I’d never heard of it as an offence before and wanted to see what it was to make sure I wasn’t doing it :smiley:

I can’t really find an answer though other than LC20 - which is hardly an explanation … anyone help?


I guess giving the speed camera the middle finger isn’t driving in accordance :w00t:

I THINK I read something about people being done (maybe in the US) for riding with one hand off the bars…which begs the question, how do you do the (recommended by the highway code) hand signals? :expressionless:

Is it due care and attention or something?

dont forget the long weight and tartan pant :stuck_out_tongue:

In a biking context it usually means riding a bike with over 33BHP when you’re on a restricted licence.

I’d guess it could also mean he’s been riding for over 2 years without passing his test & therefore his CBT would have expired.

Your licence also shows if you have to drive with glasses/contacts so I guess failure to do so could be covered by this too, OK he could have just claimed that he was wearing contacts when asked, but then again he doesn’t sound like the sharpest tool in the box does he? :slight_smile:

Driving not in accordance with a license means you have not met the conditions of the license. For example, riding a bike over 33bhp on a restricted license would fit that category, as would riding a de-restricted bike, or riding a 125 on a provisional but not having taken a CBT. My guess is the person concerned was on a restricted license.

Thanks Julian (and Pat ;))

I had thought about those things - however - the report says it is a £60 fine … and since they’ve already got him in Court … why wouldn’t they also add on “driving without insurance” … or dish out points like sweets.

Irrelevant really … I’m not doing any of those things so no need to worry … just curious :smiley:

And for those of you that think you are immune from front facing average speed cameras, let this be a lesson. You aint immune.

Can’t remember if it was Nottingham or Northampton police that have a whole library of front, end on, stills photographs of bikes and use digital image comparison software to identify bikes picked up by speed cameras.

I vaguely remember that there is (reportedly) a bike group that meet regularly to swap distinctive stuff (stickers, mirrors, jackets, whatever) around to frustrate the system.