my mates better than yours.........!

a friend just mailed me this… loved to off seen that…!!!


8:30am Wed 6th April06 on the way to work, minding my own business, 20-25mph, no traffic behind or in front, Lady in a Peugeot 206 oncoming decides to take a right directly in my Path. With 10 yards to spare I apply enough braking pressure to cause a 2 wheel 5 yard skid, too little too late, I impact her side. Bike stops dead and picture this, I am catapulted into the air initiating a complete 360 and land on the other side of the 3rd parties car ON MY FEET. I never kissed the tarmac. The witness directly behind the Peugeot couldn’t believe; her pulling out; the 6ft 4in acrobat doing a 360 not 20 feet in front and landing right side up.
Graced A&E for 4plus hours - nothing broken just whiplash to neck and back otherwise No problems. Bike and Car worse for wear.
Police took a statement from 3rd party saying it was her fault, my witness (biker in a van) heard the same at the scene.
Bike beyond economical repair etc etc.
Take it EZ out there…
Regards, Peter.

WOW Glad your mates ok.

Would have loved to of seen that

Bikes can be replaced, as long as body and soul is safe, thats all that matters.

What was on the score card for the Gymastics?

he was know as “busa pete” but i think “ninja pete” is more fitting at the moment…!!! i’ll let him know

well done to your gymnastic friend.

good to know they are alright.

good luck with the claim.

Jeez, glad Ninja Pete is okay!


We’ll have to get him up the Ace… If he’s back/neck is OK he should be on the St Georges day ride.

He was riding his XT660 when this happened, as we call him “Busa Pete”, you must realise that he does have anoter bike…

The XT’s a mess…


Wow … glad Ninja Pete is okay!

I guess that Jack Chan has already contacted him?

Blimey!!! Glad he is OK. So was the cadger A. Applying makeup B. Making a phone call C. Reading Cosmo D. All of the above?

Thats one way to avoid injury hehehe glad he’s ok

Is he gonna be giving reinactments and lessons on said manouvre before St G run ?

heck, glad your friend is OK. Bikes are replaceable, people are not!

Blimmy, glad he is ok, what a stroke of luck landing on his feet…

I have cosulted with the judges and the score for technical merit is:



Obviously the most important question is did he remember to take a bow at the end?!

He should go buy a lottery ticket!