My long weekend in Germany 23rd-26th August 2014

I went to the Eifel area of Germany for along weekend, got back yesterday. It was a last minute decision, I decided on Friday evening and managed to get a eurotunnel slot. It was my 3rd time in the Eifel, I never get bored with the area. No long report, just pictures this time. I went away for 4 days and stayed in Neuerburg at the Schloss Hotel. Weather was great until Tuesday where it rained for the entire 5 hour ride back to Calais. Hey ho. I went there to be on my own and chill out, which I did. It was a bit of ‘me’ time as 2014 has been a bit rough for me. The roads were awesome as usual and I also saw a few interesting things along the way. Here’s the pictures I took for those who are interested:

Nice report Rob, shame you had some bad weather but a nice place to ride:)

Indeed. A real tonic it was :slight_smile:

Roads were pretty empty…where was everybody :w00t:

It was really quiet as it happens, amazingly so for a BH weekend. Not that I was complaining :smiley:

Very nice!! not jealous at all… :slight_smile:

Nice, love the Cochem area !

Did that on the 15th took 7 others and the Nordschleif is friggin mental

Ah - the B259 out of Cochem - happy days.

I went there on Sunday and the track was closed because somebody had binned it so didn’t get a lap. The roads in the area are nearly as good so had a play on those instead :smiley:

Ninjabob- It is indeed a lovely road.

My usual ‘cobble some video clips together and add music’ tour video :smiley: