My little lady

Erm… :unsure: I thought I’d post this up because so many of you wished her well, and were so supportive of me, to which I’d really like to pass my thanks to you.

My Aunt passed away today.

She had breast cancer.

She was the one who always loved.

Her piano was the first piano I played.

She was the only pillion I ever knew to fall off the bike when it wasn’t moving!!

She was such a magical lovely person, who will be so sadly missed.

Love forever my darling. Rest in peace xx

Im so sorry to hear the news Mole, my condolences to you and your family.

Sweet dreams Mole’s Aunt xx

Rest in Peace Moles Aunt.

Rest in peace
Play with the orchestra in the sky

My condolences to you Mole and your family.

RIP and nice one Mole for being so supportive :crying:


sleep tight auntie…

not so smiled:(.

So so sad:crying: i hope she lives on in heaven and plays her piano amongst the angels,

RIP auntie

As a breast cancer survivor myself i only hope your auntie did’nt suffer

chin up moley aunties at peace i’m sure:)

R.I.P moles aunt

i didnt even know bt my condolences go out to you and your family at this very sad time

Sorry to hear your news.

My thoughts are with you, your family and friends at this time.

May she rest in peace.

Sorry for your loss :frowning:

I wish you the best of luck.

My deepest condolencies to you and everyone else who knew and loved your aunt Mole.

I know how much this magical lady meant to you.

Peace has now taken over from the pain and suffering.

Sleep well mole’s auntie, you will be missed

Sorry to hear that Mole, at least you have some great memories to look back on.

Sorry to hear about your aunt Mole :frowning: … like JP said our loved ones live on through our memories…


Thank you for your lovely messages and thoughts. They really mean a lot. x


May you and yours, in time, find peace and be able to reflect on that love and joy.

Sorry to hear this Mole, you have my condolences at this time. :frowning:

I’m sorry to hear of this Mole.

I remained convinced that some people truly are gifted…and are capable of sharing that gift with others…and that once the gift has been shared, it remains with the recipient FOREVER. It’s the gift that you will remember once the pain of her loss has softened…and it will strengthen you.

Sorry Mole.
Always tough when someone you love goes.
Thinking good things for ya

Sorry to hear the sad new’s Moley… :frowning:

Thought’s are with you and your family chic…


Thank you so much for your thoughts. x