My latest piece of art

I’m learning to control use of the throttle for braking purposes with the intention of drifting/ backing it in.

Straight lines for the time being. This was from 3rd at about 60km/h down to 1st.



Get someone to video you that will make good video tutorial… (or at least a good laugh if something goes wrong) :smiley:

Yeah we wana laugh at it going wrong… um i mean give you suport and encouragement

hehe! Knowing me, it would and I’d end up on failblog.
So, err, not for a while eh!? :wink:

Besides, I need to be doing it round a bend.

So what are you doing here? Locking up the wheel by downshifting or spinning it up by giving it some throttle?

Not quite locking it up, well, not if I’m doing it right, but sort of.
Up to 60km/h in 3rd,
clutch in,
quickly shift down to 1st,
let clutch out. Letting it out too soon results in locking the rear and a lack of control. AFAIK, the idea is to feather the clutch in order to retain a certain degree of control and make sure the rear wheel is still spinning.
When doing it right around a corner, it apparently helps to unload the rear by applying some front brake as well, but I haven’t got that far yet :wink:

I got this back in march on my husky, the only off I had was a low side, slid with the bike, no damage at all,
I found it easier to learn after adding the turn,

We need some vids! :slight_smile:

Easier when turning?

Yea, I’ll get something get some video when I can find someone out here to join the quest :slight_smile:

not sure I want to see vids cause then I’ll start trying it myself! And that can only end badly! :smiley:

Go on! You know you want to.
Getting comfortable with it in a straight line is the way to go IMO. Also, practicing skids etc on a bicycle first can help with getting used to the balance.

Leathers FTW though!

tempting but maybe i need to buy some leathers first! Now let’s see if this posts up as have been doing it from my mobile… Really do not get what people see in mobile internet…

It works.

Me neither.

If you lock it up, its skidding… Ref the feathering the clutch, its done to stop the rear locking up or hopping… Hence slipper clutches are also known as anti hopping clutches. So if like me your lazy you get a slipper clutch so you can just dunk it down a couple of gears and forget about the rest :smiley: Not practiced backing it in properly yet, done it a couple of times unintentionaly before though. Wish i could say it was intentional

I set out four cones, approx 30m wide and 60-70m in length, At first I was going round in either direction in a full loop, varying speeds and gear drops etc and also throwing in some knee down whilst attempting to slide,

I found I made most progress when doing a figure of eight on the same cone set up, :slight_smile:

I’ve got some cones waiting for me to find a space large enough to carry out your suggestion! :slight_smile:

Google Maps here I come.

Hmmm, interesting. Got me thinking this has…

Like asbo I’ve backed it in proper a couple of times but unintentionally, wow, great feeling! But I’ve never had the bottle to attempt it for real. I do like locking up the back with the brake from about 40mph when coming to a stop in the wet (don’t like doing that kind of thing, burnouts etc, on dry roads coz of the extravagant wastage of rubber!) - I’ll try and remember next time I’m out in the wet to shortshift down and feed in the clutch instead of using the brake, see what happens … prolly nothing much in a straight line but I’ll give it a go, see if it inspires me to try it on a turn :slight_smile:

Had a couple of tries again today. I’ve noticed that if you aren’t carrying enough speed into the manoeuvre, the rear tyre grips too much and causes the chatter he mentioned (well, that’s how it appears to me).
As you can imagine, under heavy engine braking, the motor complains and over-revs if you’re not smooth enough.

Keep us updated on how it goes.

BTW: Play the riding game - :wink:

I cant wait to get out there and have a few more goes at this.

Seems its reasonably tricky but very rewarding when done correctly. Adam, Can you explain teh cones again? my brain is dead.

motopup (aka

slipper clutch to control wheel vs engine speed, then application of rear brake to SLOW it down so that it is travelling at less speed than the front wheel. this will make the bike want to turn around the steering tube, causing it to ‘back in’

Here’s a good vid (not me) of what’s happening to the rear wheel -