My Latest Motorcycle

My IOM TT Limited Edition Suzuki GSXR 600 K7.

…hoping to add a few mods like tail tidy, crash bungs as soon as.
any other suggestions welcome…





Ooooh you lucky so and so !

very nice mate, no - not jealous, not me, not one slight iota…nope… :wink:

Welcome to the naughty club mate :slight_smile:

I tell you what E. After seeing your performance of “Power Ranger does Rainmeister” I’d love to se you on a ride like this one;)

too nice for you!

How about a small plate and race can :wink:

top idea that is:D

shes a beuuuuuuuuuuty!!! :D:D:D:D

Nice one! Yeah I’d guess the usual pipe and plate mods would be first. Then a decent chain and sprockets once you’ve had some miles out the OE ones, to smarten it up and save a bit of weight.

Otherwise, plenty redline and miles man, they’re the best changes you can make to ‘out the crate’ lol

You and me both… :slight_smile: We both got to convince darrylj to let me take it round brands :wink:

I like :smiley:

Looks better to me than blue and white. Well done mate.

woo hoo another tt edition, what number do ya have mate mine is 101 of 150. :smiley:

def set of R&G crash bungs and a nice can, exhaust on these make so much difference. :slight_smile:

im #94.

Was next to one at the lights in Walthamstow this evening about 5.30 - either of you two ? Was a fkn nice bike !
(rider had an Arsenal sticker on the side of his lid)

Nice bike, my mate has one he’s put a Yoshi twin outlet tri oval carbon can on and removed the billboard that is the plate holder and put a nice tail tidy on with a slightly smaller plate.

Looks so much better.