My Last Day

Well after 3 long weeks of service I’m leaving today to start my new job on monday!!

watch out Oxford Street here I come.

3 weeks:w00t: well done for lasting so long :stuck_out_tongue:

Good luck with the new job mate, hope it all goes to plan.

so how long will you stay at this new job? more than a couple weeks i hope

good luck btw and good luck finding parking spaces :wink:

this is the thing due to the job I will have to travel across london alot so they are giving me a travel card which will extend to my fron door, so therefore I will not be commuting anymore :crying:

sell the travel card and keep using the bike :wink:

Left after three weeks? Haha, your old work must be pissed XD

you should see the smile on the recruitment consultants face when I told him i’m leaving he was not too impressed as he has now lost his bounes

Haha, gutted.

Best of luck in the new job - hopes it works out great for you.

Good luck mate!

Will be starting a new job myself after xmas. :slight_smile:

Good luck with, hope it works out ok :stuck_out_tongue:

:smooooth: good job pissing of the recruitment dude lol

gd luck with the new job!