My knee

it hurts. just got out of bath, and it still urts,

had a twang in it last week at footie, made it through the game, but tonight, aw its urting now. No fall, just seems to be urting. Perhaps its old age, I dunno.

My missus is a fitness instructor but shrugs her shoulders. Any ideas? Walking is a slight limp affair, stairs, are well, a laboured affair. Anyone who is a professional perhaps suggest something (not giving up footie)…

Im ok on the bike though it seems

Dont give up football just cos of a sore knee.Sounds like a bit of a cartilage problem.Is it in the knee that you kick the ball with mostly - If that’s the case try and be ambidextrous for a bit till the cartilage repairs itself.

I have taken it upon myself to start up a 5 a side team for my work lot.We’re joining a City Powerleague to play against other no-hopers.I’m really looking forward to it n all.Actually now i think about it i should be getting to bed cos i’ve got to get up early to sort it out.

Good luck with the knee

whatever happened to our five a side proposal???

what about ibuprofen gel? hope it’s better soon.

Do yourself a favour meeks see yer doctor…probably torn ligament or tendon trouble a few days rest with it elevated - stroking it (ooh er misus!) using a packet of peas (named brand only of course!!!) should sort you out. Ibuprofen (or similar) should help take swelling down (the knee peeps!) and no sports for a week or so…hanging from lampshade acceptable but no footie/ running etc!

If you’re alright on the bike, I would suggest a 2 week long course of riding three times a day for a hour at a time at least

It’s still in the planning stages…

thanks, guess resting and the doc are the way forward.

I have black eye now from last night. In the bleedin wars.

Re the treatment of week or more riding I like it!

if it still hurts next week have the thing cut off then it will never hurt again

as with all pain…whether ligament or muscle…i always suggested hydrotherapy, in the shower, hot on pain for as long as poss, then cold for as long as poss - do about 6-8 times -

great for shoulders and neck…finish on cold and you feel brand new

My Occi health department saw me today, they reckon ligiment damage, seeing the GP at four today…

Thanks for the hyro tips, will give it a go

don’t slip over in the shower.

That’s bad for knees.