my kawasaki zx9

Hi everyone hope your all doing ok,i havnt been to the bike meets for a while due to me selling my zzr1100 and being off the road for a couple of months.I now have my zx9 and have been busy doing the bike up and getting it looking realy nice,i have changed the breakdiscs on the front and also changed the pads and oil filter oil air filter plugs and ajusted the vance&hinz exhaust because it wasnt fit propperley.On tuesday i will be changing the front break master cylinder because the one i have on the bike is leaking i have also put some after market seats on the bike to match it.I brought a load of pollishing wheels for the frame and wheels which i will be starting on tuesday,the bike is in great condition for a 14 year old bike is looking better by the day.Cant wait to c u all wednesday:D

From a fellow 9 owner, well done that man. Wish I had the spare splash to do the same to mine, but unemployment, a new baby and a wife who wants to move to a bigger house mean funds are being diverted away from the beloved Pride and Joy… hope she looks good mate!

When i got the bike the paintwork looked a bit worn,after a bit of turtle wax,she is looking like new,once the wheels and frame are done she will look fantastic

pics please:D

do you need a can?

i have an unused boxed viper for a 98 Zx9r going begging if it fits and you’ll stick it on.

i dont want anything for it, it’s just being used here in the office as a footstall


i should be sorting some pics out tomorrow ive just downloaded the software onto my computer for my camera phone heres a pic of what it was like when i picked it up

Nice colours, are you sticking with them or going Greenie?

Mrs CM always wanted me to get one of the Bronze coloured 9’s as she loved the colour:Whistling::smiley:

Looking good Dave…Bet you can’t wait to get back on the bike (same here).

I’d keep those colours as I think their pretty rare for ZX9s.

any updates on it yet mate?


cheers peeps u like the new seats

the screens kinda in the way mate :smiley:

i was looking to get another double bubble for it

nice m8

edit post and put images under 1 another please.