My IOM TT 2014 video


Very nice, I haven’t been since '97 but it doesn’t seem to have changed much!

FANTASTIC! thanks for sharing.

Nice, you can get so close to the action.

At Hillberry we could have reached out and shook their hands! I’m a bit down it’s over now, oh well only a year to wait :smiley:

Yeah I know the feeling been sat indoors today as it’s been peeing down, going through hundreads of photos getting rid of the crap ones. Hopefully it will be drier tommorow so as to get a few more trips over the mountain, now that the europeans have buggered off. Crazy mofos.

You’re still there? Lucky bugger!

Yup, 7am ferry on Monday.

Nice video. :slight_smile:

haha, I recognise that hairpin coming down from bungalow.

Beautiful scenery there. I though I was back in Germany for a brief moment.