My Hog

Check this bad boy out and its all mine…Look how blue those wheels are…:hehe:

and waveys as well niccccceeeeeee

nice one!!!


Jealously wont get u no where


thats funky!:w00t::smiley:

Thanks mate, was going to get a Desmo but i thought this would of been more of a challenge

gis’a go…wot’ll it do mister!:smiley:

what do u ride now…dont think u will be able to cope with the power

SV650S K4:cool: true may be a bit quick for me, tis damn funky tho!:slight_smile:

I think it might be. It is a beast i goto amit. Maybe one day when u get a bike that is lil more powerful i will let u have a go…Its just when u really open it up it will snap ur neck with acceleration.:slight_smile:

Dont let Chunky sit on it as youll loose it.:stuck_out_tongue:

Its just right for you Johnny Bags… not too many confusing levers and pedals for ya:P:cool:

jeez that blue’s a bit bright, unlike JP :slight_smile:

ok for a pose on but wouldnt wanna use it for my daily jolly to work, but as SV says Gissa go mister :smiley:

Is this another wind up ? :stuck_out_tongue: Chunky, are you having another laugh ? Looks like a bit of photoshop been going on here :wink:

That`s right chunky to many pedals and to much power for me to handle.

Looks like some kinda monkey bike chop thing…looks too small!! And what engine is that supposed to have in it?

Looks well powerful, what is it 40cc and about 4bhp :D:D


have to agree with ya steve m8 not to keen on the persons forum name either :w00t:

Doesnt matter what u ride, u will never be better that me and there is no photoshop being used…Why u jealous…