My history of trackdays

I put together a collection of photos I have from some of my trackdays. Looking back on them now, I have so many great memories, even the ones where I was learning lessons the hard way and picking myself up off the floor. Without those experiences I wouldn’t be at my exerperience level today.


R6 - First trackday, didn’t have anyone to tell me not to ride like Rossi, crashed in second session, got back out there later.

GSX-R 750 K1 (only one with numberplate) - Feb, very cold. Great fun, bike stolen a few days later in Farringdon, doh.

Another went and cold trackday, bike two days old, fell off with supercorsas on in the rain, obvious lesson learnt.

Cadwell Park, got my knee down for the first time. Fell in love with trackdays.

Pulled a sickie to ride Brands Hatch GP, still high on Cadwell Knee down a few days earlier.

Silverstone GP - Awesome circuit, very fast, much fun.

Rockingham, Nov/Dec, very, very, very, very cold, Racetec tyres, lost the front, gravel trap hurt bike. Lesson learnt.

Snetterton, new k5 1000, hitting 186mph and then snaking down the back straight trying to stop before left-hander.

Brands Hatch, LB trackday, playing with Andrew&7 and others, great day.

Brands Hatch, old favourite circuit. Going out on track in swealtering heat with leathers undone, nobody said anything (I forgot):

Donington Park GP - Riding a MotoGP circuit, sheer joy. Dodgy surfaces in places.

Brands again, with LB’ers, TOP, TOP, TOP day. Bike recently upgraded, felt like a dream.

All the off’s happened in one year when I was pushing myself to learn more, too fast most likely. After that year I learnt a lot about bike control, track riding and personal discipline. (Touch wood) no off’s since, am happy with where I am, I don’t have enough time to put trackdays in to learn more, so any progress now is small and methodical, with the help of our resident racing expert, B!

Lifes not fair some people get all the fun, great story board dude and some really nice pix to.

Lifes also far to short not to be out on track your gonna have to make some time, call in sick, close LB down for a day, lie and say your helping Rossi learn his lines around Cadwell do anything, just get out on a track.

Id sell my mother if I could :stuck_out_tongue:

Some very good memories there Jay and look how much you’ve progressed since day one:cool:… even if you did learn the hard way a few times, don’t we all;) Keep it:smooooth:

Who says trackdays don’t improve your riding;)

I hope you get to treat yourself with a few more trackdays this year, last time out at Brands was great fun with you and the LB crew:)

I expected pictures of BSA Gold Stars and Manx Nortons Brian;):smiley:

Nice pics Jay.

I see you have a Scott Redding replica lid;):smiley:

Nice pics jay,

shows the highs and the lows, of learning how to be quick!!

feel inspired now!:smiley:

The lows weren’t bad, I was just lucky to have good friends to help pick me up mentally and physically. I only hurt myself once, in France when for some reason I thought it would be a good idea to stay out on track, show-boating in the rain with Racetecs on. About five laps in of getting my knee down in the rain, the rear finally gave and I was dropped on the floor. I hit my hip and since it’s given me a little bit of bother when running.

I hope this thread doesn’t put off any track-newbies; how you ride on track is entirely up to you, I just chose to take more risks and at times paid the price. No big deal though, I wouldn’t change it for anything! Bikes are repairable!

Really kool pics

good pics

:hehe:quality pics jay :hehe:

i`m intending to do a fair few more trackdays this year compared to last years dismal 1 outing to brands.

if i gotta pull a sicky then so be it:P;):smiley:

Nice one Jay.

What year was your first track day?

Looking good Jay…Nice bit of history there.


Hrm, let me think… summer 2003 I believe on the R6. Crashed it, repaired it, sold it, bought the gixxer and never looked back! :slight_smile:

If I had more time to do trackdays, I would definately invest in California Superbike School levels and up my game. I’ve spent far too long away from the track over the last couple of years and you lose your edge!

I know what you mean Jay, I ride a bike once a month if I’m lucky - you get rusty.

That’s why Ducati Pete has the luvin’ of the euro events. 3 or 4 days on track with open pit-lane afternoons get’s his motor running good n proper.

I reckon I might go to Estoril in August, I’ll be 30MPH down on the IL4’s on that straight, that will be fun. :frowning:

I may have to put together a retro slideshow myself.

Luv DP, Trackday hero and occasional racer - going round in circles since 96.

There is some talk between me and a couple of mates of going on the Estoril t/day in August. May see you there

some really good pics there, makes ya wanna get out and give it a go.