My heart says yes, my head says no....

Mrs smiled has just offerd to lend me 200 quid for this lot…it would make my entire bike complete in one foul swooop…:D.

to say i have been searching for anything like this for a loooong time is an understatement…god i want it sooo bad…

he wants £450 but ive managed to get him down too £360. if i go and pick em up somewere near newcastle…

what shall i doo?..

i want to get them before someone else does but i cant justify paying that sort of cash…but then again…this is for the love of my life (the slingshot)…ohhhhh christ…im at it again…lolol

please help me…im swirling in my own turmoil here…


Tough call. Fairings for old classics can be like rocking horse poo - virtually unobtainable. These things don’t come up often.What state are your existing fairings in? If they are a bit tatty but basically restoreable why not wait until finances are better and then send off your existing fairings/bodywork to a professional restorer/paint shop - they will repair the cracks and respray the fairings in the orginal colours and apply fresh decals so they will look as good as new.

Can’t think of anywhere off the top of my head - but there are places around that do this type of work.

Go with your heart chuck, as Mrs Smiled is obviously going with her head if she is willing to lend you the squiddly diddlys

Go get em champ :smiley:

cracked…scuffed (from the accident) and one side has melted from the heat of the oil boiling lump…:)…you hit the nail on the head ninja…thease things hardley ever turn up…ever…

thanks triskie pants…;).

ohhh what to dooo


If you think they can be restored - then I would wait until you have the dosh and send them off to be restored.

They will look just as good.

If not, then grit your teeth and get em. :wink:

im gonna sleep on it…yea…thats what i’ll do…sleep on it…;).

try and get him down alittle further…

i reckon it’ll cost abit more to get my lot restored tbh…but i think i’ll get a quote non the less…:).

thats tmorrws mission…:D.


Agreed! :smiley:

cheers julez;).


id go with ur heart

when u have ur heart set on something… GRAB IT


Go get them, at least then you will have 2 sets, and if mrs smiled is saying with her head get them, then get them

If you can afford it buy it as you never know when anyhting like this comes up again.

Go for it, you will be the most happy mr smile in the world when you get them on your bike.:stuck_out_tongue:

Just do it!!!;):cool:

As CM said Nike.

They say they are in good condiiton and the top fairing is off colour

I personally would send your existing fairing off to be repaired and repainted then they would look brand new rather than 21 years old.

Call and see how much it would cost.

Is yours not a 750?

These fairings are for the 1100, make absolutely sure they’ll fit before you take the plunge.:slight_smile:

Check out the cost of getting your existing ones repaired first.

I can highly recommend Altamura - they do a lot of crash repair work and I’ve been very pleased with their service. (Not for crash repair work I might add).

Borrow the dosh off mrs smiled and put it towards getting your fairings repaired and resprayed makes more sense in the long run luvvie;) besides do you really want to drive all that way to collect when theres a chance they could be crap!:w00t:


If your slingshot had no fairings or they are beyond repair then definitely buy them - but seeing as they are restorable - It might cost a bit more to get your existing fairings professionally restored and repainted in the future when your financial/work situation is rectified - but by then if there is any slight extra cost it won’t be a big deal will it.Times are tough at the moment for loads of people - there is nothing wrong riding around on a cosmetically tatty bike for a while, with the knowledge that it will look great again in the future when things are better.

The money that you don’t spend on these fairings you can spend on actually riding and enjoying the thing (petrol tyres etc).

Just be patient and take the long term, strategic view.