My GSXR on La Arrabassada

Hello LB,
There’s a road near where I live which used to host a hillclimb race until the 80’s (I think). It’s the BP-1417 aka. La Arrabassada.

The first part usually has traffic and has dividers between the lanes, so despite the great curves, you can’t really do much. But it quietens down after a ‘layby’ where people usually gather on Sundays, then you can let go.
I’m still getting used to riding it (bike and the road) again and didn’t feel 100% used to the gloves (which makes such a difference when you’re in the zone), but I’m definitely learning.

Comments welcome.

This is the route in the video on Google Maps - here

Boring. :smiley:

It wasn’t for me!
Thanks for the comment anyway :wink:

Hope you’re okay M.

To be fair your back on the road video was much better. :slight_smile:


Luckily evewyone was dwiving on the wrong side of the woad

You look a bit road rusty.

Good to see your back riding again though.

Sunshine, lovely scenery and clear roads…i’m in! Keep going mate, you’ll soon feel more comfortable with more mileage.

If you keep going for a few more miles to Barcelona, there’s another famous road circuit that closed around the 80’s. It used to run through Montjuic Park.

They used to host the International 24hr De Monjuic motorcycle race there. I remember one of the winners in the 1984 getting arrested after he jumped into the water fountain…not knowing it was part of the royal palace. :smiley:

Really? What was better about it? Glad to know you’re watching.

Right. :wink:

Yea man, very rusty.
Thanks for the comment though Peej. Hope you’re well.

Thanks. I already enjoy the ascent to the Castelo de Montjuic, but it’s full of traffic and tourists (& the Police) and the road surface isn’t the best.
The fountain is where all the tourists hang out to watch the light/ water show and listen to Queen blasting ‘Barcelona’ (surprise). Never seen it.

TBH, there are lots of good roads around here my aim is go to this one (recently surfaced, sweeping curves - check out the Street View):

I’ll get there one day.

I just prefer the way the video starts and builds with the use of the backing soundtrack. I also like the way you have cut up the clips to show different views and it has a bit of a theme about it. :slight_smile:
I have loads of unedited video and never seem to find the time to edit it. Some times I will just put up unedited stuff but it has to be a good road. :slight_smile:

Cool. I appreciate the feedback.
I thought I’d leave the exhaust sounds instead of covering them with music (even half and half) - I’ve seen comments on other videos saying ‘ditch the music’ etc.

To be honest, I did the same road three times that day, but forgot to change the location of the camera.
But yea, editing takes a lot more time.

How about this one: