Hello all. I have a GSXR K7. Its completely standard at the moment. Had it for about 9 months now and generally use it for road use in London.

I want it adjusted i.e have the Front suspension and rear suspension( i.e Spring load adjustment, damping force adjustment) and the Spring Pre load.

I know some racers on here do it daily etc, but to be honest I aint got a clue what is the best way to have it.

Is there anyone that can do it for me or advice where I can get it done, also does it cost?

Any help would be appreciated.


Speak to the resident expert B (you can PM him), get yerself a session with him (think it is 40 quid?) and he will set up the bike for you, and will tell you all about it.

thanks I think I’ll do that do you know where he is based?

B is based in twickenham.

hey mate, you can talk to Matt at sounthern cross in kilburn, he does my set ups.

hey tattooist…thats great…have you got number for him?

shop number- 0207 328 1428

read ‘‘she’s hoofin now’’ thread in this section mate…;).steve jordan did wonders for my K6 750:D.