My GSXR-1000 K5.....well was


…After (date with transit van)

Was a nice bike, didn’t you try and sell it a while ago on ebay?

Yeah about a million times, i had some serious **** takers!!! And i mean serious.A top top bloke from essex came and brough it, really nice chap.

Hes turning it into a track bike.

unlucky :frowning:

…but like the last pic :D.

what happened?.

Erm just a high side, tapped on the power too quickly…back end stepped out. |Couldnt save the highside.

what you got now then fella?

OUCH, last pic was a nice touch, what do you ride now?

the Artist

Im going to the Royal Marines in October so a bike is out the question at the moment.

If any one is offering please let me know…ha ha

how much are you wanting to sell it for.

it sold ages ago

Bad luck.

It’s not that bad though, just cosmetics. My bike has seen worse, trust me :slight_smile: A quick hunt through eBay should get you all you need.

Oh yeah, iv made worts messes of bikes, iv even broken frames. But this one was special to me.

The Swing arm had to be replaced, but most was cosmetic, i sold the bike witha full fairing kit id brough.

She looked a real nice bike dude best thing of all Is your OK.
I remember being 19 and having a GSXR1100 had It 3 weeks High side in the wet at about 20mph.
The bike hit a lamp post and was scraped, Then bought an RGV250N what a lovely little bike.
Now days back on the big bike and two weeks ago almost high sided again lucky I feel back in the seat.
10mph the rest of the way home :blush:

Me too :rolleyes: