my friend is dead

we met at box hill yesterday and were coming back home. i was breaking behind a breaking car and he was somewhere behind me. i finished my breaking and then heard a noise, some noise. looked into my mirror and saw him spinning and rotating in the air over the central reservation. had to drive off because his bike was coming onto me.

he hit a lamp post and got tangled up between two rows of armco. his body was wrecked. his kit was useless.

he died later on the way to hospital. he didn’t feel much. he was scared, his eyes were solid shut.

then i was arrested for suspicion of causing it. i still have not spoken to his twin brother…

i don’t even know what happened there. saw the skidmark going straight, straight, then right into armco.

i don’t know why.

very sorry to hear this …

anything we can do?

sorry to hear that.

Condolences to the family :frowning:

Sorry to hear this, hope you are not too shaken up by it all.

we are all here for you friend.

R.I.P fellow biker, my heart felt to all that knew him

Mate i’m so sorry for your loss, even worse you witnessed it.

hope you are ok dude, i’m sure the accident had nothing to do with you, the police are most likely just following procedure.

again im sorry to hear this.

RIP fellow biker,:frowning:

My thoughts are with you and his family.

RIP to your friend.

my condolences to you and his family :frowning:
i hope it all gets sorted out ok for you

On no mate can’t imagine how you’re feeling right now… condolences to you and the fella’s loved ones :frowning:

Even if he was infront he would still have had to brake hard behind the car - dont beat yourself up about it, you didnt cause it.

He’s gone to a better place right now and at least your were there in his hour of need instead of being alone.


Dude I’m so sorry for you! If you need it I’m sure all would be able to participate in a ride out or just mass presence at a funeral if thats appropriate? taking into consideration for family and friends???

Dont worry about the law side of it, I’m sure it was a plain accedent and all will be delt with swiftly and delicately by the police.

Sh!!t im sorry words dont express true feelings towards your loss.

Chin up mate

Terrible news, so sorry that you had to witness that.

RIP biker.

As for the suspect of causing, again, I think it is just procedure, hopefully there are some other witnesses that will be able to piece together what happened, for both you and the police.

Sorry to hear about this mate. Don’t worry about the police, they are just following the protocols of this sort of incident… Condolences to the family, and make sure you get sorted out yourself! Sometimes the shock can be delayed, and it’s always good to talk to someone about a traumatic event.

RIP fellow biker

RIP. That is just terrible news. You cannot blame yourself, each person rides for themselves. He may have had target fixation on the reservation or simply locked up the front tyre, you’ll never really know. Police need to follow procedures on the accident. Don’t blame yourself, do talk to his twin and just take it easy. Hope things are resolved quickly.

RIP. Sorry to hear that. Was he Polish ?

I’m so terribly sorry to read this. I can’t imagine how you are feeling right now but please don’t beat yourself up about this. You couldn’t have done anything to help what happened.

Big hug! x

So sorry to hear this tragic news, my thoughts go to all who knew and loved this biker, and special thoughts to his family, he will be missed.

Rest in Peace, you ride with Angels now.

Keep his memory alive in all you do, in very way.

Very sorry to hear this, very sad. RIP.

That’s awful and I can’t even begin to imagine how you’re feeling.

It brings home just how easily you can lose your life while doing what we all love to do - riding our bikes :frowning:

RIP, so sorry to hear this.