My friend crashing in France

Turns out a photographer got a complete sequence of my mate crashing out at Croix. This is the list of pics from just as the bike starts to go.

that is mental ! Talk about right place right time !

Oh well, if you’re going to crash at least it’s good to get some cool pictures out of it!

“Service Unavailable”

Working alright here.

Very nice.

I like how in the first one i can see “I can save this” written all over his face… LoL

Now all we need is a sequence like that of Lavillia doing that tomorrow…

Working now, and wow, great sequence! The photographer was on the ball there. So why did the rider get off the bike?

ouch thats why id never do a track day

Wow, I am thinking this is crazy racing ya!

Bad one! but great photos! Funny the way it looks like he was going to loose the lid…

apart from the great photos…was your mate ok…i certainly hope so! your right though flats i dont think i would do a track day either…stick to the brighton ride outs!!

Track riding is safer than road riding and you can go at your own pace, its not a race.

Good to see you chuffster @ the bridge

less to hit on track, no cars, lamp posts etc

i’m taking it was a rented track bike and he was alright with little or no injury.

hopefully im going to ride to irland in july and see some hardcore road racing

Typical, having filmed 2 other guys go down at that same spot I missed David’s off… Glad he was ok and that i was able to assist in the rebuild to get him back out for the afternoon race

Ouch where were his R&G’s I would think thats the first thing a track rider would add to his bike, at least he and the bike lives to race another day.

My mate was fine, a little bruised but that was it. He was wearing the correct clothing.

As for the bike, very little damage really, footpegs and a clutch lever. The screen disintegrated on impact and the tank has a huge dent in it, we now know how that happened, the bike landed upside down on it. Some minor damage to the fairing.

He was pushing hard in the race (not a track day) and unfortunately paid the price. He had just got into third place and if he had finished there would have got his first ever pot. He shall not be forgetting that little incident in a hurry.

Flippin heck!!! Fab photo’s… I wish there were ones of me being taken out at Brands…