My first visit to the Ace Cafe 16/04/10

Yeah I was a bit bored, sun was shining, figured I would take a ride down to the Ace Cafe googled it and realised it was just one long run around the A406.

It was reasonably quiet when I arrived, but after awhile it started getting really busy. Hella lot of Gixxers were there, but mine was the only Telefonica which was nice.

Did notice a big Kwak Z9-R with a London Bikers sticker on it, didn’t notice the rider though, so if that was yours…hey nice bike.

Might pop back on Sunday for the Classics day they are having, but I got to retrieve my car from Oxford so might depend on what time I do that.

Yep it was busy down there. The Kwaker was probably AndyP.

And as for Gixers there common as muck so… :D;):stuck_out_tongue:

I will be there next friday :smiley: Thats if my new bike arrives next week :smiley:

you watch it 4 eyes:cool:


yeah four eyes :cool:


Watch out Kev, them gixxer boys are tuff guys :w00t: mummies boys more like :smiley:

yep the bike is mine, should have come and said hello we had the 1st 2 tables as you came in the door

That’s the last cuppa tea I buy you Kevsta :stuck_out_tongue:

I doubt it, anyway I spank real well. :w00t::smiley:

I saw the people at the first two tables on the couple of occasions I bought myself a cup of tea, so I should recognise you again the next time you are there and i will definitely come say hello.

If it helps I was the guy wearing a black leather jacket… :wink:

Yeah I saw someone wearing a black leather jacket was it you :slight_smile:

Yeah I saw someone wearing a black leather jacket was it you

ha ha, that made me smile :stuck_out_tongue: