My First Trip to Germany

Got up really early to catch the shuttle train to France and met Mr Rob at the Maidstone Services. He seems a very nice man and he has a blue motorbike with a top-box.

I have been abroad before, to Bruges with Mr Mo, who writes on London Bikerists as BUSA55 about the IAM, He was also a nice man, but seemed surprised when I asked him what type of motorbike he rode. Mrs Mo was also very nice and gave me lots of lovely food from their magic top-box.

The train was a bit disappointing as it was not a proper steam train and there was nothing to see most of the time out of the carriage window.

There is obviously something wrong with my bike alarm as each time I started the engine, it went off. After the third time when leaving the shuttle, it went off again and Mr Rob called me a “nobber”, which I think is not a nice word.

When we got off the train, Mr Rob said he wanted a crepe, so we stopped at the first petrol station. I told him they were lovely with sugar and lemon. Mr Rob then called me a “prat” which was a bit unkind as I was only being helpful and it’s difficult to hear clearly with earplugs and a crash helmet.

At one petrol stop, some Belgium motorcycle police came to talk to me. I think they heard the alarm going off. They did not speak much English but smiled a lot. Mr Rob asked me what they wanted, so I said they were offering me a day on BikeSafe Brussels. I’m not sure Mr Rob believed me as he called me a “wanker” which I think is worse than “prat”.

I said to Paul that there were a lot of windmills and perhaps we were really in Holland. He also called me a “prat” and said they were for making electricity. How was I supposed to know that as there were no wires coming out from the windmill?

On the bendy roads I tried to remember the training I had on my recent IAM day arranged by Mr Drerrie with LAM. My instructor Norton Villiers had told me to use the full width of the lane, but it was rather scary at first as they drive on the other side of the road, but I got the hang of it eventually.

Every time we overtake a car, Paul tries to kick it with his right foot but misses. This looks like fun, so I have a go. It’s not easy and when I do succeed, the driver gets very angry and chases after me, but I got away in traffic.

I think there is an expert on road etiquette and riding on London Bikerists website who answers questions. I think he is called the The Road Sweeper. I will write to him.

The hotel booking had me sharing a room with Paul. He did not want to, which was a shame as we could have swopped stories. When he is away from home, he said he has a ‘tank’ at night to help him sleep. I asked him if it was like cocoa and he just walked away. I just think he is a bit shy.

Tomorrow we go to ride the B500; I’m a bit disappointed as my bike has more than 500cc.

To be continued:-

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Sorry, i’m f*cking crying at that one bit:D:D

Every time we overtake a car, Paul tries to kick it with his right foot but misses.

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whats all this : Mr Rob calling people a Prat, Nobber and Wanker. :laugh:

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