My First Trip Through a Ford! (Enysford, Kent, 1.10.2011),-kent,-1.10.2011#bm875189

Pussy and you a Super Moto, shame on you. Rob stormed it. :slight_smile:

iv got a video of me going throw there on my dt 125 we raod there just to go throw there then i went under the bridge and road up the river haha was really fun

That’s not a ford!!! (ok it is) but this one is the longest ford crossing in the uk :slight_smile:

I can’t link a map page in so heres the address of the roads. :). I havnt been through it on a bike, was planning to do it on the husqy but it died on me on the st georges day ride

Ford Ln
SL0 9
United Kingdom

Packet Boat Ln
Greater London
SL0 9
United Kingdom

I’ve been through that one on a Busa lewis no problems. Try Fanums ford that’s a proper ford. :slight_smile:

ive never done anything like it, no i know its easy, im all over it!

Ford hunting! Cheers Adam and TDJ.

Should have come out with us yesterday on lanes, Was fun :slight_smile:

Lewis this may help have fun.:smiley:

warren said he saw you and Del on the M25 sunday morning, he siad you were struggling along at about 70-80 mph with Del cruising along behind you as he passed you in his renault clio

Whats the legal limit on Motorways dipshit?

74max for me baby. Whats point of losing licence on a boring stretch of M25…

I didnt see any clios though…old bangers yes!(nealry mistook for you at first)

I’ll soon be 80 on the motorways Lewis , wont it. Maybe get a smaller front sprocket :smiley: