My first time on track

What a fantastic day…thoroughly recommended


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cool pics:cool: i’m starting to get addicted to track days myself. booking lydden hill if you fancy coming along

More than certainly…

Reckon I’ll try and get on the LB one too

Cool pics look like you had a good day

This was the first track day i ever done, thouroughly recommend it as it takes all the nerves of using your own bike the first time not to mention you get a day of tuition and aload of pics, worth evry penny

looks great mate? how much was it…other road riders can only teach you so much :wink:

I had the best day I think I’ve ever had…I just want more now

As I said before, the only downside is that it leaves you wanting more. I couldn’t believe how smooth and flowing Donington really is! And to top it off, I was instructed by one of BSB’s up and coming stars in Victor Cox who has kindly offered me and my mate a drink or 2 in STP racings hospitality suite at Oulton Park.

I paid £240 for my day because I booked it at the NEC bike show.

May seem steep for 3 15 minute track sessions but when you factor in the bike, arai helmet, full leathers,boots and gloves and some top racer instructors I personally think its a bargain. I will definitely be going back for the Elite class before the track layout changes altogether only ‘but’ is the bike, funnily enough.someone once told me that you’ll learn much more about your own bike and more importantly, your own limits on the track with your own bike…but that all depends what bike you have.hardly worth going through all that on a c90 :w00t:
maybe they’d drop the price if you have you own gear? hmm :unsure:

Gaz you POSER !

I’m booked on the lydden Hill track day in June.

The missus gave me £100 towards doing the Brands GP as well :smiley:

When you doing Brands mate? I might tag along.

Are you doing Pirbright next weekend?

Looking at the dates for the full GP, will let you know.
Might go to Pirbright to run some PT not sure on numbers at the moment.