My first tank cam...

I woke up at 11am today and started watching a few vids on Google Video and then I decided I’d go and make my own…

It’s hard to capture interesting footage so I just done a bit of a random tank cam…

Excuse the slow riding. It was a bit damp and cold.

2 words only discribe that, dangerous and iratic.

If you can improve the position of the camera, to give a better view you will be well away. I would concentrate on giving a smooth ride and perhaps then speed it up at home using software as I fear we wont get to see more videos at this current rate!(some riders shooting videos ride in a different manner to create a fixating video-your videos will improve naturally without the need for extreme riding -good video though, but do be careful!)

looking foward to the next video- where was this one shot?- (Ilford?)

As far as I can see this was shot in the Dartford area. I think I saw Dartford one way system at one point.

Yeah, Dartford.

and i thought i was a nutter at riding

well i liked it…espcially the points when u can only see the sky!!! (4 mins into it)

Nice wheelie along Princes Road

it does look a bit mad.

Did you get bored of spamming with your random vids, Luke?

I got banned off the Box Hill forums… Oops!

Aww ya poor lamb. Ask Biggus very nicely and he might let ya back on

Where do you live?

I dont live in London,wouldnt want to…was born there tho…work there from time to time and FOOKING hate London traffic…but to ride a bike like that in town is asking for it!!

I aint no Angel,ask Fridayman,but i ride fast away from town out in the sticks…but…where the FOOK am i going with this? …fook knows!!..stay safe Luke!!

its wasnt that bad…

Adz thats why i said i aint no Angel…i’ve seen worse…done worse!!

Traffic around London [and towns] is to unpredictable to be riding like that as someone else said his riding was to eratic wasnt flowing…karmah like Man …at the end of the day who da FOOK am i to say owt…NUFF said!

yeah i think sticking the cam on his bike had a lot to do with how he was riding…

I dont ride like that in london, at least not when theres that much trafic, i have but i get as much out of riding smooth and safe these days.

maybe its a sign im getting old

Im a bit of a wheelie addict though, a nice wheelie has the same affect as riding fast.

theres nothing like the track though ay?.. thats where its at on a bike.

hey luke its meeks. prob dont remember me but me and big ed bumped into you and the others from biker3 at the oak dean which was shut and we went to the pub.

hope everyone in that group is alive and well.

excuse the slow riding mate? your a bleedin nutter. but then I think that of anyone when I am not the one riding/driving.

hope your well. sv thou is dead, possibly looking at aprilla next. see you around chavy dartford perhaps mate probably jumping out the way of you! hope bikerboy is ok.

And I did let him back, just for a laff seeing as the short fat foreigner we used to rip the piss out of is banned…