my first post

hi guy and girls, this is my first one so be nice had great day out on sunday and was great to meet you all, looking forward to the next one as long as there is no rabbit killing or icecream trowing, say hi to me so i no who yous all are. Jay


Welcome to the forum…the place that sucks you in and ruins your good intentions of doing the work that rapidly piles up on your desk at work.

But does wonders for the social life!


Welcome to LB - is yours the CBR with the number on the light cover?? I was the blue CBR600f with pillion!

Be prepared for the stick! (you’ll see)

Hi and welcome aboard.

Hi Jay. Nice to see you finally got round to introducing yourself and welcome to LB! Mole’s right - it’ll ruin your working day but it’s pretty fun all the same.

See you on the next rideout. Coming to Brighton/BSB this weekend?

And ignore Sean…no one ever gets any stick on here

"And ignore Sean…no one ever gets any stick on here "

The newbie stick, everyone gets the newbie stick!

Hello jay welcome to Gixer junkies… ermmm i mean london bikers…

I wheelie your bike

Hello, welcome to LB! Coming to our bike meet tomorrow? (See my signature)

Ello and welcome to LB, I was on the ride on sunday too.

Rabbit killing, did I miss that one?

oh your the cute one we, i mean us girls were swooning over, hello and welcome!

Hi Jay - welcome to LB

Errr, as I’ve said before Westie…hands off!

Yeah, blame Smiled!!

But he was really sorry about it, and he wasn’t the only one by the look of it - there were 2 more road kill after that!


cat fight!

thanks peeps, nice to be welcomed in without to much stick, whos heading to the market tonight?

You mean who isn’t?

Hi Jay,

Welcome to LB destination desperation… not that I was involved in anyway with the swooning

Keep an eye out for the Little Miss - she’s known to be a right minx handfull

GP xxx

Add…“when you can catch her” GP and youre right, shes a handful !!

I’d say about two ample handfuls

Oh I say