My first post of the year...

Okay well what to tell you all?

Those of you who know that im building a bike, well thats going to be put on standby for a little bit so i can finaly acheive my goal of getting my skydiving licence.

I am going to treat myself to 10 days in Spain doing an AFF course and getting in as many jumps on top as i can.

Hopefully i can get my lil sis along too. She did a tandem jump for charity and has wanted to do it ever since so it would be a great to do it for her birthday.

Thinking of you all while im living the dream in the sand :w00t:

That is something you’d never get me doing mate. Throwing oneself out of an airport.

Taking the dog a long? :smiley:

Usually other people do that for you :smiley:

Happy new year bud and hope to see you and that veeeeeeeeeeeeery expensive bike on the road very soon:cool:

Happy New Year ASBO - hope to catch up sometime soon in 2012 :slight_smile:


Cheers guys. The tard may take abit longer before its on the roads but i’ll be seeing you all around on the Superduke :wink: