My First Drop - DO'H

It had to happen I guess but I had the shocker of my first drop today :angry: .

Coming out of my house on to dual lane road around seven. As I was trying to get across I managed to stall and then toppled over. Must be the most lame way of falling off ;).

Thankfully I escaped with only a shattered offside indicator and wing mirror. Then I got a quote on getting exact replacements. £44 for a mirror and £36 for an indicator! Managed to pick up some indicators at Hein Gericke for half that for a pair, but I’m struggling to find some cheap mirrors. Can anyone recommend anywhere either online or close to Clapham (not Metropolis though)?

Many thanks,


ebay is your friend (if you can wait)

Hehe - well done Fella, always best to get the first one out of the way without to much damage I think!

Mine was also pathetic, the front slid on a wet manhole cover on a mini roundabout and sort of bounced off the curb, bike became stationery and I stumbled off to the side. Luckily no one was about to laugh at me, not my slickest moment…!

don’t worry about it i’ve had a stupider drop. took my old cbr off the centre stand and it went a bit funny ended up loosing my balance and dropped it. luckly the handle bar went into the bin and the break leaver went on the outside of the bin so the bike was held up. i got a bit lucky :stuck_out_tongue:

Glad you are ok. I got my brand spanky new bike on the Friday (first bike as a newly qualified rider) and dropped it on a busy High St on the Saturday. Misjudged a camber on the road when putting my foot down. :blush:

Scuffed my mirror and lever and broke my indicator. Damage to pride was much worse!!


Bad news you dropped your bike, and you Bourno - take it from me, it won’t be the last time.

I went through a stage where helmet-wearing was merely to cover my embarassment of having dropped my bike!:smiley:

Tis easy done. Left a disc lock on once

Glad you’re OK! My first (on the big bike) costed me well over a Grand and a week in beds of sickness

Unlucky mate, but many many people have been there dont that and got the T-shirt, so we all stand together in a sea of embarrassment, lucky the costs are not so high!

+1 for Ebay mirrors, but it will take time to get em.

At least you’ve got the first one over with.

I hadn’t dropped a bike for years until I went to see my sis in Southend last year - pushing the bike backwards into her back yard, the rear wheel hit a brick and the thing just went.

Thankfully, crash bungs prevented any damage :slight_smile:

it hurts doesnt it lol

Been there, done that :blush:

Look on the bright side, you didnt hurt yourself. On my first accident, while on a sharp turn the car in front braked hard (from 40 to 0 hard), hitting the brakes made my bike stand up and the handles bars locked over as the bike stood up. I walked away without a single bruise, but did fracture and break my left wrist after landing on it awkwardly and putting all my weight on it. Had to have a plate put in the next day. Amazingly the bike took very little damage, with the handles bars bending, they bent back easy enough.


My sympathy to all of those who have suffered this ignominous happenstance. I did the same with my brand-new FZX750 after the first fill-up years ago - although putting up a fight as it went alleviated any damage. But then I dropped it again a few weeks later and bust an indicator. Do’h indeed.

Unlucky mate, but its going to happen at some time.
I dropped my 3 day old goldwing wheeling it backwards out of my garage and forgetting to put the side stand down. It came down on the engine guards so no damage and fortunately this was at 6.00 in the morning so no one to take the p*ss, but as the bike weighs somewhere near half a ton, I discovered that there is defintely a knack to picking it up again.
PS the hernia operation went well:)

My first drop was genius:

Girl pulled out in front of me at a roundabout. Grabbed a fistful and the front went out from under me as i came to a stop. Jumped off and landed on my feet. She “just didn’t see” me, and we exchanged numbers. I told her i’d bend back the rear brake lever, and if it snapped, she could just give me a tenner.

She called later that day to check i was ok (wrenched shoulder) took me out for some beers, then took me home and made me feel her boobs!!


Does sound like I got off lucky here compared to some of those drops. Cracked in the end and shelled out £76 on new suzuki indicator and mirror. Just couldn’t bring myself to add cheap generic parts ;).