My first day fishing

Ok so it’s not quite a monster… any smaller and it would have been sperm! :smiley:

Does anyother keen fishermen of the LB community know any good rivers or lakes

to fish around the Bexley/Farnborough way?.. I caught that beauty at Hall Place in Bexley


SirYamalot you defiantly got the potential to follow in ratty’s footsteps from that catch :smiley:

Did you take it home to feed the family :w00t:

Basingstoke canal, Gold fisheries Aldershot?

You might struggle catching anything that small…

Was that the bait? :blink: :stuck_out_tongue:

man thats hoooge!!

i went the other week, first session of the pike season…had this 16.08 and another fish in low double figures.

i LOVE fishing, i’m very serious angler tho, alot of peopel do it for fun or to chill out, i do the same but i do put alot of background work in to catch good fish consistently.

i even fish when the lakes half frozen!:w00t::w00t:

have a nose on here dude peeps are normally quite helpfull to new anglers:)

failign that gimme some time i have a word with some peeps find you a venue to fish.



just remembered, try lookign up Elphicks and hawkhurst too commercial fisheries not too hard to catch from, failign that if you wanna learn how to fish ‘proper’ come fish with me:D

AND you need a lucky mascot:D



Cheers Ratty il have a nose on that site… well if your pike fishing we could make the perfect team as il just be catching bait for you to use all day :D:w00t::wink:

I love my fishing also, keeps me out of trouble when the roads are to crap to ride. I normally carp through summer and pike during the winter. Often go over night also. Starting to think we organise a LB fishing trip :-):wink:

lol you need to catch me bigger baits than that!:D:w00t:

i’m pretty much an all out predator angler! Pike, Zander,Perch, Eels, Chub, Catfish etc

tho in summmer i occasionally fish for carp, mainy on rivers, less crowded, unknown normally uncaught fish, and the rivers turn up crackers liek this beauty



Funny enough I’ve just come back from a week fishing the Warwickshire Avon, hard going as the river was low and clear but I had 4 barbel up to 8lb. My missus did a bit of fishing as well and had a tiny minnow that size too, probably 2 inches at the most on a 10p sized piece of spam on a size 8 hook!! It was hooked fairly through the mouth, I’ve no idea how a fish so small could get that in it’s gob! Has anyone ever gone fishing on their bike? I used to do it years ago, cram some gear in my saddle bags with a rod and landing net pole slung across my back, not so sure I’d fancy that now!

Forgot to add, if you need any help finding venues drop me a PM. There’s some decent waters around Kent way. I like Monk Lakes near Maidstone and there’s lots around this area. Elphicks is meant to be good, only fished it once mind.

nice one!

W.Avon is a good venue, it throws up some crackign zander!txtPost_CommentEmoticon(’;)’);:wink:

when i used to fish for barbel, and it was low and clear i would fish short flurocarbon hooklengths, around 6 inches, with inline lead, and around 3ft behind that a 1/4 oz bomb or drilled bullet held in place with float stops, backlead! allows the barbel to hover over the hookbait with out cathcing anything and spookign them, also keep it pinned to the deck they have less chance of sussing anything, altho i have found barbel to be one of the easiet fish to catch! not bright fish really!

minnows on a size 8!? how! i normally impale them on one for perch:D

ohh god…you had to talk about fishing didnt ya…

now Ratty’s like a pig in chhhit…!!!:rolleyes:

…we’ll never see the end of this thread…


you love it…you slag!:D:D:hehe: