My first crash on the road

I was riding my Gilera stalker scooter the other day at a nice slow speed of 30MPH when the bloody thing went into a tank slapper so i tryed to accelerate through it but that didnt work and i hit the ground pritty hard and broke my wrist. But this made me think about all these other scooter riders you see wearing t-shirts, Trainers and some of them wear motorcross helmets (which look stupid), I was wearing my gore-tex jacket with armour in, A knox back protecter, Some good RST race gloves, My dainese knee and shin protecters and my prexport race boots with jeans on, So what would happen to them that wear no protection if they fall off? ouch! thats all i can say.

Now most of you may think im just one of these scooter boys that wear no protection and ride like holigans untill they get cars and play music very loud, But im not like that, I have a true passion for motorbikes and i have grown up with alot of racers in my family, I never go out without my protective gear, And one more thing i cant wait to get a Honda CBR 125 at 17 :slight_smile:

Sorry to hear about the breakage. I hope your wrist is okay as well! :wink: :wink:

+1 for the protection, in this heat, it can be a bit of a drag, but worth it nonetheless!
Good luck in the future!

Glad you’re ok… You can probably apply for your membership of the smiled club now :slight_smile:

Thanks guys :slight_smile:

Apart from the break glad your alright, i always wear proper gear as i`ve come off and i know how much it hurts.

Hope your wrist gets better soon, I had on off at about 60mph and saywwhat it did to my protective gear - had I not been wearing it I think I would have just been a smear in the road !

Good you have the sense to wear decent gear. Too many lads in my area bombing around in shorts/vests and only a helmet. Heal fast and well. The CBR125 will be good fun when you get it!:smiley:

indeed a sensible young chap, you remind me of myself at your age;)

hope teh wrist heals fast! good opporunity to change the colour of ya scoot!:smiley:

Good news your ok, aside from the wrist. I hope it don’t keep you off the road for to long. :pinch:

Sorry to see your scoot so bashed up. Will you get it fixed up?

Your a sensible guy having all your protection on good to hear it. I was out yesterday and saw at least 10 bikers and scooter riders in shorts and T shirts and only 1 in full gear. It just amazes me.

might have to put teh pics up again of a mate that came off in t-shirt and jeans at 70 odd…

sorry about your off mate. I hope you get your wrist fixed ASAP.

Glad to see that you’re not too badly hurt :slight_smile: Mend soon!!!

good to see youre ok dude - hope you get your bikie patched up too :slight_smile: the wrist break is the mark of a true biker :w00t: much better to do it on the bike than falling over drunk somewhere…and keep up the good control work - would be nice to see you taking it seriously at some point :smiley:

Good to hear you’re ok, also so glad to hear you had your protective gear on… I knew too many lads when I was your age that came off of their scooters… and didnt get back up because they were basically rideing in shorts and a t-shirt / jogging bottoms. NOT GOOD. Hope the wrist heals quickly, keep the vision of that cbr125 in your mind. Ive got one and its brilliant!!! :smiley:

Take care mate :slight_smile:

Thanks for all the support people:)

And about this been the chance to change the colour…my father had only gave it a respray last week :sick: so he wasnt too happy when he saw the pannels scuffed.

oops…spray it again…yellow!!! with a number…67:D

Ducati airwaves with a number 67 :slight_smile:

But shakey is going to take troy bayliss`s ride next year so it would be pointless :frowning:

damn hope that heals up quick!
its good that you know how to be safe on a scooter.
and its bad enough some scooter kids wering t-shirts, but ive lost count the number of times ive seem guys on R1’s with t-shirts and shorts on!

and yeah the CBR125R is pretty good at what it does [although dont expect breakneck speeds!]
hope u get ur scoot fixed up too!

Yesterday I was riding up West Hill out of Wandsworth behind a chopped British twin with really tall ape hangers. The rider was wearing torn jeans, a vest, no gloves, a chain wrapped round their body and the smallest imaginable motorcycle helmet that looked like a black breakfast bowl jammed on very top of his head. As we approached the multi-lane section of the A3 he slowed right down, wobbled a lot, and I realised his problem, he wanted to signal right but wasn’t sure he could control the bike with one hand. He stuck out his right arm, wobbled a lot, but got his hand back and had the bike under control in time to make the turn. A real case of style over substance.

Glad your OK despite the wrist, and very smart to wear all the right gear. It is easy to forgo it in this weather but the results are pleasant.

Hope you are back on the bike soon so you don’t miss to much of the bad weather.