My first bike

Hello, i bought this bros 650(as a writeoff)in january as i couldnt afford a good one, thought it would be a good project to work on/learn more about my engine etc as i went along.Ive rebuilt the front end {finally} and have decided to start on the rear.
Have just come in from the garden the snow has finally got the better of me…thought id post and ask if anyone had any explicit do’s or more importantly dont’s! as ive never built a bike before,any tips would be very helpful. I still have numerous parts to buy so if someone can recommend a good breakers or secondhand parts shop please do!

Cheers Chris


Pictures of my bike are attached

What area do you live in?

north london

Nice one! Good luck on your project mate, I can’t give you any tips as I’m just starting my project in the summer. Please keep us up to date on your progress with some pics

Hi all just keeping everyone updated , ive just come in as its got to cold to do anymore work today its now starting to look like a bike {see attachments} i think im about halfway there


Hey Chris, so you got the electrics sorted now? Looking good so far…

just have to fit the rear plastics and lights at the back , found out i have to drill another hole on the handle bars for the left switchs the right side one was a nightmare.

where abouts?