My first big trip

126 miles to go!

That’s a lot of luggage and spares just for a Jetstream rideout!

Good work mate…hope you’ve made it by now :wink:

Shall we start a bet about how many parts less the bike arrives with? :smiley:

Just try to keep the wheels on this time till the very end! :wink:

I is confused … is this a rebirth of said minsk or you suffering memory loss and reposting previous exploits ?

Trip upto Derby for a bike meet. Took 5 and a half hours, max speed of 35 as any throttle > 20% caused a flood out. Got there, had to remove and reinstall the main jet which I found at the bottom of the float! Now running like a champ :slight_smile:

Rebirth Tim!

Proper crazy

Why not bring it on RBLR 1000 next year :ermm:

The links in your sig are pretty damn inspiring…never thought of travelling so far on the bike before but certainly am now.

Martin, there is something dodgy about this photo. The bike is not falling over at the start of the trip with the weight of luggage as we normally see on your pre-trip pictures:D

Haha! Well that was eventful.

At 5am, within 15 miles of joining the M1 and just as three lanes merged with two to leave me in the middle of fast moving traffic, I went from doing ~55mph to scraping 30. Any use of the throttle caused what felt like a flood and instant ‘power’ loss.

Having given myself 6 hours to cover 120 miles, I wasn’t sure whether to stop and investigate - potentially making it worse - or to limp it knowing I should just make the 10am appointment I had…

5 and a half hours of 30mph later I arrived in Derby :slight_smile:

After some examination the carb was in my hands, and soon found that the main jet should probably be screwed into the carb, and not lolling around the float chamber. Reinstalled, tested, happy :slight_smile:

After some campfire drinking that night I noticed that one probably shouldn’t be able to see the head bolts between the cylinder head and the cylinder body, nor should there really be a gap between the two, nor should the cylinder barrel be visible… Experts were summoned, heads scratched, and the consensus was to pretend it wasn’t happening and chip back into London to investigate at home.

Cut to today. Stace and I headed out on the scenic route home, the Minsk running like a champ if you forgot about the disconnecting cylinder head. As we wound through sunny countryside for 25 miles, the timing suddenly felt very off. Backfiring in 1st and buzzing out in top - bugger! I spotted a Motorists’ Shop and suggested that Stace cut his losses whilst I stayed to investigate, potentially starting a new life in Toaster if all else failed. During the chat a friendly local came to offer assistance and tools, whilst another gent walked past and did a double take simply saying “that’s a minsk!” before wandering off.

Spark out, inspected, fine. HT lead off, inspected, fine. Hmmn. Dodgy electrics box removed, inpected, ahha: a loose wire! A quick wire strip and recrimp and the Minsk was back on the road - chuffing out enough blue smoke to show the world it was back to full, mighty, tinny power.

The Pride of Belarus made it home without any further problems, running WOT for most of the journey, and even managed a few overtakes on the M1 :smiley: Watch this space!

If it was easy you would get bored …

:smiley: where did you get that Minsk? Haven’t seen them for ages…