My fireblade is not very healthy!!!

So i took the blade out with a mate and he noticed i was getting alot of blue smoke out the exhaust, we bought it back home and it was pretty bad, i had noticed it smoking before and i think other Lber’s even mentioned it aswell but we always put it down to cold weather.

We also noticed that is was popping and backfiring while the throttle was totally shut, we took the oil cap off and it smelt pretty strong of petrol, my friend is a decent mechanic and thinks its the injectors firing to much fuel in and flooding everything, also may explain why sometimes i only get 85 miles before the light comes on.

I also took it in for an early service before i went away last week as it seemed to be burning alot of oil, looking at it now i think its as much as 1 lite for 500 miles!!!:w00t:

Im taking it in to honda today so will let you know what they say.

I have not used it on track and have not been hard on it as its been winter and after my accident i have been taking it easy. SO im pretty dissapointed as i may aswell have bought a ducati!! Anyone experience a similar problem?

sorry to hear that mate hope u get it resolved soon without to much expense

Sounds like a blown oil seal to me.

Ooops, mines fine :wink: haa haa haa

Sorry to hear this rixxy, unfortunately my ex had experienced it when we took a trip over to Slovakia one summer. His CBR600RR never showed anything going wrong previously as he is a mechanic and always kept his bike in tip-top condition.
About a 100 miles into Germany on way to my home country his bike stalled after we filled up at a petrol station and approached traffic which we started filtering past. My bike stalled as well while filtering but fired it up and it ran perfect from then on. His bike on the other hand just went down-hill from there, started coughing, backfiring and spat out clouds of smoke. Kept stalling and we had to visit every 2nd or 3rd petrol station to fill up. He nursed it to my home town but by the time we got there we both were smelling of fumes and all our clothes in the panniers :w00t:

took it to a Honda garage where they just kept guessing. The oil smellt of fuel as well so we had to leave it behind.

Got back to the UK two up on my bike and the following weekend hired a van and went to collect it. My ex stripped it and found that the ECU was dead. It gave no reading at all. Injectors were fine.

So may I suggest to take a look at the ECU before trying everything else. Hope this helps you solve the problem you are having :slight_smile:

Reminds me of this

One day, Rixxy was riding his motorcycle to work and noticed that it was running poorly. He stopped at the repair shop to have them look at it.

The repairman said, “We’re kind of busy right now, but why don’t you go across the street to the cafe and have something to eat, then stop back and see me in a few hours.”

So Rixxy went to the cafe and returned to the repair shop two hours later. Rixxy asked the repairman, “What did you find?”

The repairman said, “I think that you blew a seal.”

Rixxy replied (after wiping his mouth), “No, I just had ice cream!”

Rixxy blew a seal … rixxy blew a seal …

I shouldn’t have laughed at that…but I did :smiley:

oh dear…

they do drink i bit of oil the new blade’s, does sound like a seal has blown, could be a dogy coil possibly or even just a bad fuel mixture, have you had it mapped and dyno’ed?

had it dynoed today and its turned out the injectors are staying 100% open even when the throttle is fully closed, looks like fuel has been getting into the sump aswell.

Went to chiswick honda and the where “interesting” so taking it to another more helpful dealer.

I will expalin more as i find out.

As for the seal joke… nice, put a small smile on my face on a day when i have been pretty dissapointed!

ferk…sounds like a warranty job no? speka to honda uk see what they have to say.

hope ya get it sorted soon.

Sh!t dude,

Mine probably burns a litre every 1000 miles inc. a few track days here and there. Thats been the case on all 3 blades.

Good luck with getting the dealers to sort it out mate - all Honda dealers i have encountered are [email protected]@king sh!t. (Apart from Farnham Honda before they went bust in 2009…

It should all be a warranty covered issue so fingers crossed for you bud :slight_smile:

I think what happens is the injectors stay fully open when the bike is off, allowing the fuel to seep down into the chamber, past the piston rings and into the oil sump.

Forgive my naivety but is having petrol in with the oil not highly dangerous?

Were Chiswick Honda as rubbish as I’ve heard they are

Blimey, Blackbirds with dodgy wiring from the factory, Blades that drink oil from new :w00t:

And people still buy Hondas?

Swap the engine for a Gixxer Thousand one and you’ll be fine :cool: :hehe: :stuck_out_tongue:

i dont know if you wish to swing that far,

but Tippets are really good Honda dealers, you may want to try them

good luck.

My Blade has 30.000mls on the clock and has never missed a beat! Serviced every 2500mls!:slight_smile:

Hondas are still 100% reliable machines! I think the electric gizmos they put on bikes nowadays is the problem when they go wrong!!

Hope u get it sorted!