My Final Ever UK track day - Snet 300 16 may!!

Hey guys,

So im off and this will be my final UK track day Snet 300 with Focused events. For those that dont know Snetterton is where i grew up so it seems the best place to say goodbye to the uk tracks!!

The bike will then be put back to road spec for IOM TT. I will be posting details of my final planned rideout, it will be a norfolk run like we did early last year.

Let me know if u can make it.


I may come along not because I like you as I don’t but because I planned to do the new track anyway in may lol! :w00t::w00t::w00t::smiley:

Booked on in the inters:hehe:

Have I missed something? How come it is your last UK track day? DOing more europian ones, or non at all?

Oh and I am on a lads weekend, so can’t make it, have a good one!

(Want to do that track this year)

damn, come back from Berlin the night before so I won’t be able to but definitely want to give Snetterton a go next

I’ll be there!

oooo, looks like i might be able to do this. Will be only my second track day so hopefully i can get a spot in the novices!

Would love to do this, but I am away with Rioting Rob on the 25th May. Dont want to risk binning my only bike before a long trip to Germany.

Damn I need a track bike!

cool, hope we get some sunshine, should be a good day.

Coming back throug France on the 16th buddy. Shame I can’t join you

To be fair most weekday tds may be to be tough for a while