My DRZ400 stolen from Holborn!

I don’t bloody believe it! They took my commuter!

Someone tried to steal it the other week but couldn’t past the ignition, now it’s gone completely! I park it somewhere different now, but RIGHT in the middle of the busiest part possible with twenty other bikes! How many CCTV cameras are there?! And how many Police can I see, er none as usual.

I use this bike as it’s low risk compared to the others, but man, I love that bike so much… I’ll be well pissed off if it’s gone for good.

I’ve been on hold for 40 minutes to the council to find out if it’s been towed (doesn’t have a tax disc on display, but then neither do others in the bay). Until I’ve spoken to these guys, I can’t register it as stolen with the Police! Useless, 40 mins!

Gutted fella. Can’t believe how rampant this is getting
Hope you have some luck, even if it is just being told that some jobsworth’s towed it to a safe impound for you!

Argh sorry to hear this, I hope it is with the Council…

Gutted for you fella , is it the black one I saw you on last ?

lets hope the council have it!

Yeah, it’s the black one.

55 minutes on hold with the council. What kind of joke is this??? The trail is dead now, tossers!

never thought id say this but i hope the council took it!

if not then this is getting ridiculous! :crazy:

Whats the reg ? Im out in Holborn tonight will keep an eye out.

Not good. When was it taken/ towed?

Lodge a claim against the council for interfering with a theft.

There is a massive issue here with the lack of CCTV use. They have these cameras everywhere and yet the Police are unwilling to look at the footage, what a waste of time and money they are. Now if you call the Police and say that you saw the thieves take it and they had a gun in their hand would they react differently?

I hope you get news soon mate.

Not on the bike today, otherwise I’d be going through there in about an hour’s time.

Saying that we are on a pub crawl, so let us know the plate, and we’ll keep an eye out

no way man!

gutted for you mate.

It’s still a high risk bike in itself.
I read a motorcycle review that mentioned that one of the DRZ’s bad points is that “it’s a theif magnet”

There have been 2 attempts that I know of to nick my DRZsm.
Luckly the DRZ doesn’t often attract the pro theif’s because of its value. It appeals more to the chavvy, scrote, joy ride theif’s.

2 x Xena alarm disc-locks saved mine.

Fingers crossed you get it back.

Got through to the council, they don’t have it. And to top it off, the guy got the registration wrong FOUR TIMES, and then when I told him I was on hold for an hour and a half, he told me… wait for it… HE WAS ON HIS LUNCH! WTF!

So it’s been stolen. They’ve done it in the middle of the road, in one of the busiest areas of London, in broad day-light and nobody has done anything AGAIN.

This is getting f**king stupid.

Its like those c*nts are laughing at us.

Hope you hear some good news.

That LB anti bike theft initiative should be high priority now I reckon.

we need a fking sting bike and loads of baseball bats :angry:

who would be good to fit me a tracker on the new bike i am getting?

A tracker is a requirement nowadays, not an optional extra.

PJ, you’re right, I should do, the tossers caused the trail to go cold.

This is the lowest value bike I have, but actually it’s my favourite for the thrill factor, and I’ve got a lot of emotion invested in it after restoring it after five years off the road. Man, London just kills me at times.

I’m going to have to buy a cheap scooter I think. Anyone have one?

Alright mate, just call up Tracker UK on 01895 234 567 and ask for an engineer to be sent out for fitting a unit.

I know I go on about Tracker on here, but I’ve not heard of any other anti theft device that would have enabled Police to get my bike back within 48 hours, 5 other bikes without Trackers, and catch the thief to boot.

Like Jay says, Tracker is now a requirement if you have a half decent bike.

Like anything, it’s not completely, fail safe, but it’s the best option you’ve got.

Sorry, the details are:

Suzuki DRZ 400 - all black
X362 EGS