My dog has gone missing...

Now I will be fretting, he never goes missing but does sometimes go walk about for a bit, usually comes back looking all chuffed with himself but knowing he has been naughty…but never been away this long before…if he doesnt come back soon will start thinking the worst…everyone knows him so it wont be possible to hide him…and everyone knows he is my dog…

come on barney…

Fingers crossed for ya :wink:

My cats go missing all the time. Ive not seen one of them for 2 weeks! There is a woman two doors down who insists on calling Dink “Milky” and feeding her milk (despite cats having difficulties digesting milk, contrary to popular belief). Dink just sits outside her window meowing as a result, which annoys everyone (she doesn’t have a cat flap). Ive had to go over there several times to ask tell her to stop feeding her. Last time Hayden went missing, he came back with a paper note round his collar - which has his address on - asking if he had a home. I phoned the number on the paper note and told the woman at the other end (a different one from the neighbour two doors down) that he would have a home, if people would stop feeding him.

So what Im saying, in a roundabout way, is that someone has probably started feeding him. I presume he is chipped, so if he does find his way to a vet, then they will ring you? Make sure the chip details are up to date! :slight_smile:

well after recently having 2 of them go missing and come back all happy with themselves I can sympathise with you. If he/she is tagged report it to the petlog people, put posters up, go back to where they last were, call vets, dog homes, dog warden etc etc. I was told that they usually go to ground at night and then go on the move first light. check out fav places were they might go.

I really wish you all the luck with this xxxxx

I can sympathise. Used to have a bull terrier/Dalmatian cross (big ugly looking brute that was a softie, especialy with kids) that went missing every couple of months.

Would turn up and play “hangdog looks”, stinking to high heaven and 10 lb lighter in weight, after a few days.

After the 5th, 6th, ? time, I kind of got used to it. Didn’t stop me fretting while he was gone.

Best of luck.

I too can sympathise . . . come on Barney . . . go back home!

Any news this morning with your dog.

Good luck!

Responsible dog owners don’t ‘just let their dog go walkies alone’.

You say your dog does it often but never for this long,…I can’t understand how anyone just lets their dogs wonder unless you live in the middle of nowhere, even then there’s the risk of them being blamed for worrying sheep and cattle. Your best bet if and when your dog comes back is to keep it inside or on a lead.

If they’ve broken free or managed to escape what you thought was a safe environment then it’s a different matter.

Hope he comes home soon.

Oh Rubbish!!

I know what it’s like when our cats go walkabout for days.

I hope he comes home safe and well 2T:cool:

relief he was lurking in the cellar on a spare bed in a spare bedroom and didnt come up until I was whistling outside at 10.30 last night…And ang thanks for the pepe talk, very helpful and much appreciated…Trouble is he is a dog…not a bitch…:w00t::D…

Elmo escaped twice when we first got him from Battersea.

1st time a visitor left our front door open so I didn’t realise for an hour. He was found quite happily playing with a group of children at a local play school about a mile away.

The second time he just legged it as I opened the door. He ran across the road and got hit in the flank by a BMW, he rolled a couple of times got up shook himself and took off up the road after the car. It had to stop at traffic lights and Elmo attached himself to the bumper and started to rip the crap out of it.

After 5 years he’s such a softie now he won’t step across the door step unless he’s told and even then he doesn’t like being more than 10 ft away from V.

Glad the cheeky monkey is safe n sound - need to see his “play dead” trick again.Hope you’re well mate.

Glad he’s safe and sound - he’s a member of your family after all. :slight_smile:

lol 2strokes - my first thought was that one of your boys had taken him and you’d forgotten. Close, but no cigar :slight_smile:

trouble is I get so used to him being by my side I forget to cehck he isnt there and it took me an hour before I suddenly noticed that he wasnt there…I should have just whistled him as I usually do but it was late and I didnt want to wake the dead…worked in the end though…

yes Killer, the boys are forever teaching him new tricks…

Phew glad Barney is safe :slight_smile: I love his play dead trick, he’s a very cool dog Qx

good news :slight_smile: not a good time and glad all is well again.

Glad to see he`s safe and sound.

Glad you found the dog mate.

Clyde, our 16 year old cat went missing about 3 weeks back and hasn’t returned.

He ran away because the neighbours had a bloody firework party that went on to 3am.

This would have been fine normally, as the cat would’ve been indoors, but they had the party days after bonfire night and the cat was out :angry:

Looks like he’s gone :frowning: