My Dilema need your guys opinions

Guys,This is my problem, as you know I have just started a new job which is going ok however I have now been offered another job and so goes.

The one I’m in has job security will pay more initially but I get raili roaded into the position I’m in and will find it hard to move on. I’m getting on well with the guys I’m working with and have to travel further.

The other job is going to be less money but the prospects for the future career are better and potential for earning is going to be better but not for a few years yet.

I know in black and white it looks clear cut but I don’t want to leave here and realise I should have stayed if you know what I mean.

So what would you guys do?

sometimes its the people you work with that make your day better, what if you accepted a job to find out your new team mates are actually T0$$3rs? 9-5 monday to frday surrounded by people you cant stand is normal, every now and then you get a job with people you can get on with and it has a value! stick that place out for a year or two IMO if your getting on OK! there will be more opportunities, maybe in the place your at

if I was in your situation I would go for the job with carreer development potential. The time of now and a couple of years will pass, but your future is coming and if you can set yourself up for advancement it will eventually mean a better/owning your own house + a nice bike and all the rest.

Also eventually once you’re ready to settle down with someone, being financially stable with your own house goes a long way to making you attractive to your potential partner. I know it sounds kinda funny and cynical but I’ve found it to be true.

For example, I work in a job which gives me a fair pay but baad shifts and I can’t advance my carreer in my employer without getting even worse shifts which affect my family life.

Had I gone in a lower paid job with better carreer prospects before mortgage/kids arrived I would now be in a much better position but now my main priority is earning stability, carreer prospects and job satisfaction is way down the list.

Think well and hard about what you’re gonna do. Good luck.

If you want to extend your carrear go but that doesn’t always mean you will be happy.
On this one you have to make the choice and no one else.
Good luck in whatever you choose.

Only you can really answer this question. Perhaps write a list of the pros and cons of each? It seems like a big decision, but either way you will find a way to make the best of it. Good luck :slight_smile:

Well its 50/50 after my vote, but for me job satisfaction is really important. I would much rather be happier with my job in the future than be stuck in the same position for years :smiley: