My Daughter got into the Borough's only Grammar school! B-)

She’s worked her socks off for the last 2.5yrs for her 11+. Passing her 11+ was gonna be almost a cert, but the Grammar School was our hope. We’re so proud of her and so very happy for her. It is a lesson to the family that if we want it enough, we can, with hard work, get it! :slight_smile:

Well done Darlin!:kiss:

Obviously takes after her mother;)

Congratulations mate you must be very proud. I know i was when my daughter came home with her exam results recently, mind you that cost me a few bob:D

Glad you had the cheek to stay it and not me. :D:P

Seriously, well done to her.

congrats mate…one very proud ol man…:D.


Congrats babydoll :slight_smile:

congratulations old boy

you must be very proud of her, she defo takes after her mum for that brains and beauty too lol


Hey Sneaks!!

Long time no see!! (And you too Day release :slight_smile: ) Good to see a few old faces back here :smiley:

Well done that girl - you must be so proud of her!! Won’t be long before she’s riding around on the Riot as well, by the sounds of things!

Good on her!!


Thats great :smiley: You must be very proud.

Does the “11+” still exist? You must be calling it by an old fashioned name xD

Congrats George!!! Well done to her! :smiley: - Make sure you all celebrate, those tests are bloomin hard! A huge achievement that is :smiley: Be very VERY Proud of her :slight_smile:

Thanks gang! yeah Iim really, really proud of her…mind you I always was without this good news.:cool:

As for all you " must take after her mum " jockey’s…thank God for that!:smiley:

I was abroad when the results came through. I spoke with her after school (her not me!:P) on Skype and whenever I praised her, she was trying to play it down, but you could see how much see was secretly enjoying the praise her achievements were bringing!:wink:

She was already telling me that her mum had said she could have a present if she got a grade to get in to the Grammar school. So far its been a puppy, a holiday with her friend.:smiley:

Nice one fella - top news :slight_smile:

Hey well done…

Be ready to be helping with all that homework, its quite pressured at grammar. My son was worked to death (well, almost) he got about 3 hours of homework every night by year 9. Worth it in the end though…

Excellent news, well done. Hope you all have a good celebration this weekend. :smiley:

i hear she told them “this is my daddy’s motorcycle”

seems they want a better future for her:D

well done to her for all the hard work xxx

I sat it six years ago.

I failed it.