My competence is being severely challenged.

How does a female pack 2 weeks worth of kit into 85 litres of space? My toiletries and shoes take up half the room and that’s just the essentials! What was I thinking, I usually struggle to take less than 40 kg when I go on hols.
It would also appear that I am taking way too much tech, based on the number of flippin’ chargers I need.

It’s doing my head in, having to cull everything down to the bone. Having to reject my usual holiday clothing faves, to make room for chain lube and puncture repair kits. :crying:

Travel wash would seem to be the only way forward :pinch:

Am sure I’ll get over at as soon as we’re on the ferry, but right now I just need to moan!

Here’s the pro at packing, under 11 kg (for two people two weeks)

All you needs is enough tops for the day, vest tops will do. Small easy to roll.
Couple of nice tops for evening (travel wash as on road) bottom wear two again warm weather you can wash.
Enough underwear to last and a few extras…bras you can wash to.

As for makeup, time to clear out your make up! You will find you only use a tolal of five things everyday. (That’s all you need) toiletries small travel stuff, you can always buy on route if you run out.

The other one get a few bits from primark you can throw them away as you go along, just incase you want to bring goodies back!

Hope that helps.

You do not need 3/4 of what you pack. Strip it down to the absolute basic esssentials. Then halve that. Flying anywhere my wife and I only ever travel with handluggage. 3 weeks away? No problem it’s all do-able.

I’ve just packed a cordless drill, three batteries, charger, electric plane, electric jigsaw, router, router bits, 110v transformer, chisels, boots, trainers, flipflops + enough clothes for a week working away. All in my Oxford first time panniers and a rucksack
I’ve not only packed enough clothes for the week, if I break down I can build a small wooden shelter by the side of the road.
I don’t think you’re trying hard enough :wink:

Lol at scorch

You dont need any luggage, you need a couple of credit cards

We cheated. We sent a large package by courier to our destination, which arrived on the same day we did.

Made packing the bikes easy. Still a lot of stuff for just two people spending 3 days on the bikes.

Don’t take any make up or hair appliances. You don’t need travel wash or shampoo - use shower gel, which surprisingly you can even buy there :slight_smile: We manage easily with 1 tankbag and 1 rucksack for long trips, for clothes + bike lock, chainlube etc

what you need is a VFR with large panniers.

but seriously, how many shoes do you bloody need? a pair of trainers will do for everything where you won’t be wearing bike boots.