my Christmas Eve rideout

Basically just me getting left behind all the time :slight_smile:

The sun hadn’t dried moisture from the roads completely, so I had to take it easier in the shaded bits.
I want to go back in more suitable weather.

Filmed with a Nokia 6700 Classic attached to my chest.

Roads were around here, I think:,1.96061&spn=0.049432,0.079994&hnear=08006+Barcelona,+Province+of+Barcelona,+Catalonia,+Spain&t=w&z=14&vpsrc=6

Nice ride. Weather looks good - what’s the temp. like?

By the colours of the vegetation doesn’t even look like winter :slight_smile:

Roads look nice and twisty :slight_smile:
What’s up with the mirror pointing up?

Ah yes, I know this:
it’s a peculiar technique that allows you to watch the sun therefore your visibility increases!
I’m right, ain’t I? Huh?

Maybe sun tan under chin :smiley:

perhaps… perhaps…
although my hypothesis is more plausible huahuahua

Nice one Garret…made me all jealous that. :cool:

Cheers T.
It’s actually quite good, I can say in degrees, but I got away with my two piece, and base layers (top&bottom) and an EDZ liner - hands were quite cold though.

Yea, they’re great fun!
It’s a driver’s ‘blind spot’ mirror (another one they don’t use); it is tilted so that I can get the best view of most of the road given it’s position on the bars. The CatEye round mirror below it gives me better rear vision, but has a narrower field of view.

Better look at the mirrors: