My CBR fx

Hi Guys

Nearly completed Project “CBR”

A few more little bits to do, but shes almost complete

The Now red and white look

The Old Red and Purple look

What do you think??




Oh, I dont work for Luton any more neither, Im at Welling Branch Now, BTW

very NICE :wink:

In my opinion red and blue looks nicer, but both of colour option had some unique character.

im loving the red and white look, but is seems like somethings…missing, what else you got planned for it? what year was that cbr?

red & white looks nice!

Missing some decals IMO and red rim tape would really set off the wheels!

looks nice but black would be better :stuck_out_tongue:

Nice work. The red and white is a definite improvement in my eyes. Smart I like it. :smiley:


Nice mate! Much prefer the red/white :cool:

Not convinced, I prefer the new colours (did you consider red/black or maybe even all red?) but to me the white panels make it look unfinished - like they’ve been replaced after an off and not been sprayed up yet (still, Honda’s Anniversary Edition of the VFR looked like that out of the factory!). Maybe the decals will help. Nice bike though! :cool:

The Honda wording on the main fairing might look alright - not my bike tho! :smiley:

looks like a nice lick of paint, did you do it?

Its a 99, yeah something missing I thought that aswell, but can put my finger on it, mabe some decals

No dream machine done it

looking great nice set of wheels

Dream Machine :w00t: you got money to burn then??? if you want professional quality work id track down a local pro, Dream Machine are awsome but jease they are expensive. had a quote to paint a seat fairing in pearl white, answer: £140 :w00t:
ok… so how much in flat white, answer: £140 :w00t:

But as stacy said Black is the new white :stuck_out_tongue: Plus with a few tydy details it always looks cool as fug :smiley:

I do prefer the red and white, even though I wouldn’t normally pick those colours (it’s a football thing! :wink: )

I agree with what’s already been said, the white panels look like unpainted replacements, I think this is because there are such blocks of colour, there’s nothing to break up the individual colours but more importantly there’s nothing that brings them together, they are not joined in any way which almost cuts the bike in half, if that makes sense?!?

Apart from the white Honda logo on the red tank, maybe some red detailing on the white parts and vise versa would finish it off nicely?

Just a suggestion… :slight_smile: