my cat

this cat just cant wait for me to open the door so she can jump on top off my monitor she has got her own personal radiator were the heat vents are! shes on it 24/7 now wont move lol she is warmer than me! pmsl.:w00t:

So when the monitor overheats and goes bang…you can blame the poor moggy lol;)

pmsl yer i been saying that she is still on it now day and night!!! if it goes bang she gets kicked out and me spare 1 goes on lol…she already chewed thou my power lead donno how the hell she still alive! 9 lives i surpose, she is a evil cat really… theres a few vents left not that fat yet nerly 2 and i got 2 more there just as bad her brother loves ripping heads off birds loool the mum is old and just sits about doing **** all nerly 18 now but this 1 on the moniter loves sitting on my gamma tank and going for rides its mad!!!

Awww bless i love cats…they all have that naughty streak…my mates cat used to be quiet and would’nt go near anyone…until it met me now it goes mad and plays with my hands up the sofa going skitzo:D i personally have only owned 1 cat and when it died never got another:doze: but love winding everyone elses up:Whistling:

Mrs 5150 says: “Of course it should be allowed to stay on your monitor. It’s a cat!”

She likes cats, does Mrs 5150. :smiley:

lol she was there but has hi-jacked my bed now:hehe:

just make sure clio dont wee into it

Get a dog and make scare the cat away.:smiley: