my cafe racer

finally finished my cafe racer, if they are ever finished - it’s a triumph engine in a norton frame, just like the old days


I am liking that :cool:

Very nice:cool:

The pics were obviously taken before you filled it with oil as there’s none on the drive;):smiley:

nice bike mister:D you built it? grand job sir!:cool:

Great job mate!

Should be loud with those pipes:cool:

What a bike…a work of art…:smiley:


looks mint

Very nice; great job!

So what are the tyres like? Can it be ridden ‘enthusiastically’?


are we gona be seeing out and about or is it just for looking at:P

Is it true that the cut-away at the front of the seat for the oil tank filler cap serves a duel purpose ?;):stuck_out_tongue:
Very nice.


I hope my project Cafe Racer comes out as nice, it’s a bit different to the classic, a modern take shall we say. It’s been 2+ years so far but doing it on the cheap (blag) so accepting the time it’s taking.

I’d love to take your picture riding it if you’d let me.

lovely looking bike hope we get to see it out and about :slight_smile:

Very nice dude really do like the old cafe racers

Thats GREAT dude, ever since I saw the Ace Cafe Racer I have been trying to plan a project for myself.

Please PM me any links or good books you know of.

Thanks in advance, the Artist :cool:

Mmmmm very nice. I have a soft spot for cafe racers. If my old Honda 350F wasn’t such a minter I’d be tempted to try a cafe type project thing with it… something like this maybe (Of course it wouldn’t be a true Brit cafe like they’re supposed to be!!)…

very nice mate may be you should of given mark and nick gale a had with that shitter they came up with custom builder i mean any one can put a load of parts together

Now that’s a very sweet looking bike! :smiley:

I used to know a guy who had a Triton cafe racer, most of the metal work was polished to a mirror like finish, good job there fella!

You’re entitled to your opinion…

From The hard back book, “Today’s Top Custom Bike Builders“One of over a 100 articles written about the Ace Café Racer . . .

“ ……Bringing back the café racer with a proper version sporting a big engine, great frame, and minimum of everything else. Using an S&S SB100 – an engine capable of delivering more than enough horse power toget a bike well past the ton. Gale went on to accommodate the engine. Drawing inspiration from the famed Norton Featherbed frame. Gale fabricated the Super Wideline Featherbed frame for the project. He mated an Ohlin’s fork assembly to the 29 degree neck, and connected a pair of Ohlins shocks to the tubular swingarm. As could be expected the bodywork on Little Miss Dynamite is minimal.Gale worked with the Tank Shop to create the shimmering aluminium tank, held down in the traditional way with a metal strap.

Cool finishing touches, like a sporty open primary assembly,massive tach in the rider’s face, and a reverse mount S&S air intake,assure onlookers of the real intention of this bike: to take the rider back to a time when things were simple and breaking100 miles per hour was all it took to make the world’s problems go away.”

This bike was Runner Up World Championin the 2008, Sturgis, USA.